Alicia Keys Face: CONNECT THE DOTS, LA, LA, LA, LA!!!

- By Bossip Staff

We got a hold of some promo pics that Alicia just had done. Although, there isn’t anything that this girl can put on and look bad but those pimples on her face have definitely got to go. Hopes she still not endorsing Proactiv because ‘CLEARLY’ that sh*zz don’t work!!!

Flip the Lid for More Close Ups

Over the weekend, Alicia Keys and Swizzy hit up M2 in New York. Swizzy made sure he was with his boo every single beat. Check out the video below of them doing some old school dances.

**Notice how they have about 5 big body security guards, it was probably just a pre-caution in case Mashonda showed up!!!**

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  • Peep The Real Video Here

    She is going to sell a million copies in the first week!

  • whatever

    I don’t know why @above… “The Element of Freedom” is a very boring album. Two songs are pretty good.. the others make me snore. The only reason she’s selling any albums at all it because she has Clive Davis and a lot of Jewish record execs who have special connects with corporate giants (Like GE/NBC). And, not to mention, she’s made a name for herself with her stellar first two albums.

  • Nique


    Not in the mood for homewrecker news early this morning

  • mona

    They look really cute together!!! I love her. All th haters can fall back…Alicia Keys keeps it real. Mashonda is a typical any “yankee” aka american gal. GTF outta here with the drama.

  • I Stay on 121st Down The Street

    So tired of seeing these bums

  • sabrina

    Leave them be now people need to allow others to live their life

  • citizen cane

    not trying to hate but swizzy is ugly as f*ck!

  • golden

    lol i notice that all you women scorned keep calling ms.keys a homewrecker..ATTENTION another woman cannot break up a HAPPY HOME if the foundation was strong and the home was happy swiss wouldnt have looked else where for love and happiness he was seperated and only married legally when him and ms.keys started dating so plz get over it stop hating and yall need 2 really get off her sack! Mashonda should pick up a copy of the album there are some great songs to help her get through her pain on the album! Ms.Keys dont owe her any explination that is swiss past not Ms.Keys

  • jai

    hae we no shame….and it wouldn’t be such a big deal if she didn’t act like she’s such a lady and role model…NO B*T*H ur a homewrecker lol

  • fashionelites

    Why do people keep saying a woman can’t break up a happy home that is a bold face lie. Everyone should be held accountable for cheating. A keys started dating this man when he was married to mashonda and she was pregnant with their first child. So please spare me. And it’s even worse because she is suppose to be this role model for us women like superwoman and she’s doing the opposite. The reason why I don’t like it because I would never sleep with a married man or a man who has a fiance or a girlfriend that just seems desperate. Wrong is Wrong they are both wrong end of story. And I wonder half the women who tak up for Ms.Keys prob wouldn’t mind sleeping with a married man or prob have already. Have some class

  • golden

    yall are some serious haters lol! check ya self b4 u pass judgement on someone else! she did nothing wrong yall silly women piss me off so quick to get pissed @ the next woman

  • golden


    Umm you wernt there so you dont know what happened dont be so quick to know what went down u were not there! She was not put on this earth to be your role modle your mother was! be your own woman she is human and so r you… like i said you cant break up a home that is happy so with that i say Ms.Keys continue to make beautiful music and live your happy life with swiss

  • fashionelites


    Im not saying she is my role model but that’s the role she choose to play in this game. If you didn’t know. And I don’t have to be there committing adulty is wrong. It doesn’t matter what Mashonda did she was married to a man that took vows before God and he broke them for some new pu$$@ if you get what im saying. Alicia should have been respectful and stayed away from him until he at;east filed for divorce. Because Mashonda found out he was having an affair whil she was pregnant and she thought they were happy. I sympathize with Mashonda because I’m in a serious relationship where I’m hopping that I get married to this man and him cheating on me thinking we wre happy would hurt me and i would hurt you if it happened to you. I understand Akeys makes good music but what she does as a person makes me not believe what she sings. And I respect other women when it comes to their men and their families you don’t come in between that. Whether you like it or not they are both at fault and worng

  • fashionelites

    sorry for typos

  • sexyprettysista

    true no one can break up a happy home but why get married if he’s not willing to ride the ups and down, married is supposed to be for life as in ’till death do us part’. As long as there are women who are willing to sleep with men who are married or in a relationship no home will ever be ‘happy’

  • Mrs. Rance

    Love is so wonderful to behold. Even when it is forbidden. Not to worry Swizz and A. One of these days folks will get over it. In the mean time enjoy each other.

  • GTFOH with the DUMB

    Some of you act like she invented infidelity. She didn’t. She wasn’t married to anyone. She didn’t put a gun to his head either. And while you’re crying over someone else’s ****, Alecia is still smashing it 24/7, selling big numbers and living her life.

    Swizz is right there telling y’all he’s her man and they dgahf what you think.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    I love her, am very happy her album is going to do well, get ur home together and don’t blame anyone for wrecking ur home.

  • Nique


    Spoken like a true homewrecker!

    …How many homes have you f*ucked up already??

  • Glok...!


  • $ Get cha Weight Up (You STILL makin' that??) formerly Kami All Day

    I’m sorry.

    The first picture is NOT flattering to Miss Keys.



    And double yuck.

  • Love

    Congratulations! Alicia on a fantastic album.

    I love the entire album that truly inspires and uplifts………

    Both Swizz and Alicia make a nice couple.

  • Love Mashonda

    Black people think that white people are always thinking about them. Yes! Alicia and Swizz are always worrying about and think about Mashonda…

    Their lives revolve around Mashonda just as black people lives revolves around white society. No wonder we are worried about higher education, violence, drugs addictions, etc. in our neighbors…..We are always worrrying about Mashonda, Alicia and Swizz……..

  • Divine

    She is beautiful. Leave her alone.

  • Love

    I’m happy to see them together. They compliment each other musically and physically.

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