True or False: Lil Wayne Quit Sipping Sizzurrp???!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Double cup all you like Drake, but keep that drank away from Lil Wayne. According to Young Money member Short Dawg, Weezy F. Baby finally put down the purple stuff — well, the other purple stuff anyway.

“Wayne don’t sip no more…When you in your mode of sippin’ sometimes it makes you a little aggravated, so it was probably one of those little drank fits he was throwin’ cause I do the same thing.”

Short says Wayne cooled off syrup during his “I Am Music Tour” last winter and was completely weaned in time for this summer’s “America’s Most Wanted Tour”.

Wayne’s syrup addiction was heavily showcased in the recently released The Carter Documentary (clip below):

Now if he’d just start strapping up he’d be on his way to upright citizenship.


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  • daahlingnikki

    You know what Im so glad he will be giving the public a break for a min. with his little stint in jail…He needs to be missing for a little while…

  • WhatAWorld

    True or False:I give a damn.Lol but how does he drink that s.hit,yuck.Every flavor is disgusting!

  • WhatAWorld

    LMAO @Now if he’d just start strapping up he’d be on his way to upright citizenship

  • love me love me not

    Where he’s headed to the only syrup he will be sipping will be jail house syrup.

  • Peep The Video Here

    Who cares!

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  • real

    do u think if they stopped rap music violence would stop come on now some people sound crazy

  • impriss00

    what eva he do its his Biz’ness…….
    no matter what anyone does ppl got sumthin to say always got an opinion on what some1 else shuld or shuld’nt do!!!

    Damn ppl get a LIFE of your own and Deal with it!!

    he is still MY BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!


  • impriss00

    i LOVE WAYNE!!!

  • Shon

    Rap is just gettin started. Happy Holidays!

  • SunSand&CoconutTrees

    This is great news. Guess he realized he didn’t need it after all.

  • BapBarbie

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  • the sane one

    I’m happy for him.

  • Bey-nonsense

    Man please put that stuff down. I just worry so much about celebrities taking drugs in combination. Lil Wayne got too many kids to take any type of drugs. Live for your kids man.

  • Sylmarvelous

    That’s so gross! Whether he stops or not, bi*ches still gon’ be flockin to his azz so it really doesn’t matter!

  • Somali Ninga

    whoever drinks sizzurrp is a fu©king dumba§§ retard!! for real!! that garbage will KILL YOU!!!

  • martina

    unconditional love….nothin more to say

  • martina

    ….i pray for him every day….

  • Crystal

    I love lil wayne and i call him my husband i am proud of him for putting the cup down….. Im gonna miss him in the media when he goes to prison…… luv ya xoxo

  • http://comcast g.d.c

    My question is does he still kiss Baby in the mouth???

  • lemondrops

    LMFAO @ g.d.c

  • D. Brown

    Lil wayne please give water and vitamin a chance. MPTY!

  • t

    f.u.k the police…legalize weed n free weezy…lol…and good 4u.. putn the cup down..

  • kapreeshus™

    That’s good for Wayne. Too many rappers have met their demise messin’ wit that syrup.
    I just hope he didn’t trade in one bad habit for another–as that is usually how it goes.

  • London Girl

    Sorry! Excuse my ignorance but what exactly is ‘sizzurrp’???

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