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Emerging songstress Morgan Reilly is bringing the Soul back to R&B with her impressive new single “Genuinely” where she warns potential new boos that she’s not with the games in the vibey video you can peep below:

“I keep having s—t luck when it comes to men. I always have. I dive into situations that I know are bad for me with men that I know are bad for me. At the end of the day, it always comes back to bite me in the butt. Writing ‘Genuinely’ came from a place where I’m aware of what these men are like.

The guys that I usually go for are the player types that are fun for a couple of weeks and then they throw you aside when they see the next new shiny toy. It came from this place of knowing what I want out of a man. If you’re going to give me what I want, you’re going to have to come from a place of being genuine.”

Born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the multi-talented singer, musician, actress and dancer knew she wanted to be a performer at a young age.

“I was 3-years-old and had a Fisher-Price boombox with a little microphone on it. I’d take it with me when my mom went to go get her hair done and I’d sing along to these Disney tapes. One day I was singing along, and my mom’s hairdresser went to my mom and he was like ‘She’s actually really good, you should maybe do something with that.’

I will always remember what he said because literally the next day, I was in dance, acting, and voice lessons.”

In 2016, she took a leap of faith and moved to New York City to chase her dreams. Four year’s later, she represents a refreshing return to traditional R&B/Soul with a jazzy twist.

Morgan Reilly assets

Source: Morgan Reilly

More than just a singer, the talented triple-threat has a passion for musicals like Broadway hit ‘Waitress’ (written by the talented Sara Bareilles) and plays numerous instruments.

“I actually have a background in musical theater, that’s what I really started doing. My dream, when I was very small, was to be on Broadway and I still have that dream. Deep down in my heart that would be really cool. Ideally, I would want to do it with a musical.”

With undeniable vocal chops and Grammy-winning writer Manuel Seal on her side, she’s destined for success in a soulless genre begging for her everything.

Stream Morgan’s music here and follow her journey to stardom on Instagram here.



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