MiMi is Trying to Save her Career by Any Means Necessary

- By Bossip Staff

Mariah Carey is trying to stay afloat on the charts by pumping out video after video. She just finished another video shoot for the song “Up Out My Face” and you will never guess who she brought in to do the REMIX???

Let’s Just say This Move Made her Seem a Little Desperate…

Mimi added Nicki Minaj to the remix of ‘Up Out My Face.’ This may actually work for Mariah seeing how she’s all girly girly and Nicki likes to rap about fruity pebbles.

Mariah, FYI, we would rather see you go out like a champ than to sabotage your career trying to save this album with newbies.

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  • charmingme22


  • Nique

    Should be interesting…

  • Jane Doe

    I like Mariah but shes really grasping for straws to stay relevant now..

  • KeepNit2Real

    I don’t think this is a Mariah move as much as it is a Nicki Minaj move to stay relevant. Everyone knows the Potato Head girl is fake and can’t really rap anyways…

  • Lets Be For Real

    D@mmmnnn, everybody jumpin on the Nicki Minaj bandwagon… Go head Nicki!!!! WORK IT BISSSSHHH!!!!!!!

  • daahlingnikki

    Nicki does seem like she’s taking her mentors approach to stardom by appearing on everyones record…Again like I stated yesterday…Lyrically she’s not there, she’s just the featuring rapper of the moment…

  • kapreeshus™

    I guess…

  • candy bling

    What is desperate about wanting to succeed? anyways this remix album had been in the planning for months so try again!

  • Royal Chocolate

    Wow! She must be desparate….she’s working with a black person.

  • nshadw04

    One word. Haters!

  • http://www.prosgs.com/ Ray Realtalk

    MiMi gonna continue to hold it down.

  • Glok...!


  • dismymoney

    i guess the word “standards” is overrated.

  • dismymoney

    And why the f is she playing a “blow-up doll”

  • dayg715

    mariah has graduated from desperate to pathetic. that album is already the Flop of The Year. doing a million ghetto remixes with chickenhead rappers isn’t gonna change that. it makes her look pathetic due to the fact that her label is putting all their money and energy behind Rihanna. mariah is just too old now. there’s nothing worse than an old woman who refuses to grow up.

  • Ms. J

    Regarding Mariah and the rapper chick….Do yall thang; most of us commenting on this blog is working a 9 to 5 job with decent to poor health benefits and no retirement plan. I aint gon hate on people who are making moves on their career!

  • ItsLikeWhatever

    @ ebonieladi:

    I think she damaged her voice using the whistle register. Her voice classification is more along the alto range-I remember reading that she taught herself to hit those notes when she was younger, but her voice isn’t naturally high. If you notice, the only time her voice still sounds strong is in the whistle register.



    LOL, you can stop telling that lie. MADONNA is the best selling female artist of all time. and BARBRA STREISAND is the best selling female artist of all time in the US. mooseriah is just this year’s latest has been. even Whitney did better saleswise, and she didn’t have to dress like a 12 year old trick and do a ghetto remix with the latest hoodrat. mooseriah is done. her album didn’t FLOP for no reason.

  • Miss B

    Mariah makes good music and is jumping on the bandwaggon as many other artist have. It’s basically what’s hott or new. Gucci Mane is on every song… “I don’t speak French, but I can dumb you down-” love his song w/ Jamie. I remember when Lil Wayne was on everything, Drake is on everything, and now Niki. It’s more like people jumping on Wayne’s young money crew.

  • Miss B

    I think Mariah, since she’s getting older, may want to make music to a new audience whose been following her music. Her fan base gets older and matures, and sometimes your music should as well.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    What the hell do Nicki Minaj be talkin’ about?! This chick cannot rhyme, she just has a weird voice. I swear, on that Young Money song “Bed Rock” she said “He says Nicki, you da bestest” so I do it all again as bestest” WTF does that even mean?!

  • Miss B

    12/22/09, 10:11:am

    What the hell do Nicki Minaj be talkin’ about?! This chick cannot rhyme, she just has a weird voice. I swear, on that Young Money song “Bed Rock” she said “He says Nicki, you da bestest” so I do it all again as bestest” WTF does that even mean?!


    Either Niki talks or screams. And when you listen to earlier stuff, her voice is not the same. She’s changing up everything to meet this Barbie chick persona.


    it was mariah carey husband nick cannon’s idel to add nikki minja on the remix album…

    nick cannon has been helping mariah with her album!!!!she’s about to sign to his new lable

  • dismymoney

    @ Sticky-n-Sweet

    “You da bestest”? HA! Congratulations! You gave me my morning laugh.

    Ebonics, 2nd edition.

  • pynk

    It isn’t any different than what Beyonce did w/ Lady GaGa. NEXT!

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