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Jordyn Woods is a stunning digital cover cutie for our sister site.

HelloBeautiful chose the socialite to be their September cover star on their newly relaunched and (even more beautiful) site. In Jordyn Woods’ Shamika Sanders penned cover story, the starlet who’s transitioning into acting, dispelled rumors about her including one about her “thicker than Gorilla glass” a$$.

As previously reported Her Royal Thighness obliterated the Internet in August with a video of her post-lymphatic massage assets jiggling like your MeeMaw’s green jello.  Following that, people speculated that all that jiggly goodness came from plastic surgery—but Jordyn told HelloBeautiul that her butt is 100% real. Her mother Elizabeth Woods also attested to her daughter’s natural baaaawdy.

“Do you not understand how hard my girl goes in the gym?” mama Woods proudly interjects. “I think it’s hilarious when we go out to Nobu and then a headline is ‘Jordyn Woods and her mom debut their matching new butt implants. If you look at my grandma, if you look at my aunt, this a** is genetic,” Jordyn adds.

Jordyn also confessed that her copious curves have caught the attention of men who can’t help but slide in her DMs. She declined to name the bachelors thirsting over her pictures, but we’ve got MORE than a few guesses.

“I don’t want to call anyone specifically out. But I will say I have been seeing so many blue checkmarks in my DM’s,” she gleefully admits. “But I didn’t answer anyone. It was going pretty crazy. Even the tweets — it’s very flattering. I just don’t feed into it.”

She’s flattered but unphased, to say the least.

“I think that unfortunately for these guys, there’s something new every single week. Of course, when you see a video like that you’re going to be interested. But I don’t think they are really interested in me. They’re just interested in the video. The clout of it or the hype. And just to say that they did it. And I’m not going to give that to you.”

Jordyn Woods

Source: Antwon Maxwell / Antwon Maxwell

At one point the interview took a more serious turn and Jordyn spoke on black women and social injustice issues. Jordyn noted that she loves “the skin she’s in” despite the rampant disrespect of black women as highlighted in cases like Breonna Taylor’s.

“Black women are the most disrespected and the most overlooked and it’s obvious. The Breonna Taylor situation— that’s a prime example. And it’s just something that you deal with as life comes to you. And you make sure you stand your ground and you don’t let anyone tell you that you’re crazy or your ideas are too much. That you can’t do anything “I love the skin I’m in. It’s so powerful. It’s so beautiful. And I wish that we could embrace that more.”


“People want to just try to bring you down every day. Just based off your appearance. And they don’t understand that even though we might be the most disregarded and disrespected, we are just as powerful. And even now seeing—which I haven’t fully dove into it–but seeing Kamala Harris being potentially in the office, that says a lot for the way that culture is headed towards viewing Black women.”

Isn’t she just glowing???

Jordyn Woods

Source: Antwon Maxwell / Antwon Maxwell

What do YOU think about Jordyn Woods’ HelloBeautiful cover???


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