Bugsy Takes The “High Road”

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In regards to the Bugs vs. Buck beef, 50 told Angie Martinez of Hot 97:

“That phone conversation ain’t that old. Three months ago me and him had that conversation, and then he did it again,” 50 Cent said. “He went out there talking about I didn’t pay him his royalties. I sat there and I didn’t say anything. I’m not gonna respond with a record to Young Buck.

“With this situation, I was trying to be as helpful as possible. You can’t help a person … Buck is real impulsive, and when you add addiction to that, you got unpredictability. He just does … anything.”

When asked if he usually tapes his phone calls, Bugsy replied:

“With idiots, yea. So if they saying something crazy, then it’s right there.”

Curtis also shot down rumors of his alleged marriage to Ciara – saying that the wedding ring he was caught wearing was a prop for his new movie “Microwave Park”.

We hope Bugs pipes down for a while with all this bickering and what not. But let’s be real, this cat lives for drama. SMH. The actress slated to play Curtis’ wife in his upcoming film is none other than Pilar Sanders, sports legend Deion Sanders’ wife. We’ve included her pic for your viewng enjoyment.

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