A Vandal’s Manifesto

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Last October some nut job defaced Tupac’s statue at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Today the vandal has spoken.

Click HERE to read this fool’s ‘manifesto’ as he justifies his criminal behavior. A note to Tupac fans: read at your own risk.

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  • Hannibal


  • http://www.takebackthebeat.com Tim of Take Back The Beat

    I chose not to click the link. I’m one of the few people that wasn’t into Tupac, but why would you crap on the memories of so many people who were feeling what ‘Pac was saying?

  • Y'all Play 2 Much...

    dude is like 43 years old…you too damn old for this. There’s other social unjustices in the black community to focus on than besides vandalizing with a statue…

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~


    isnt the point of the center to guide young ppl in the right way… n give them a positive outlet..i.e music etc?…

  • Hannibal

    Becuz it just is Nikki!

  • Juicy R♥



  • Juicy R♥

    hold on wait a minute…..the statue got draws on the head???

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    I looked at this staute and thought it was a black civil rights leader

    of the 60s, because for sure the attire of the statue threw me off

    I could have sworn that it was a reverend of some kind and not Tupac.

    this crazy mofo who defamed the staue may have a point there

    on presenting Tupac like a damn benevolent man, he was complex and hypocritical at times

    but alas that was made him TUPAC-A-LYPSE

  • vachick

    cosigning with dont like me…

    when I saw that statue I was thinking what did tupac REALLY do to deserve a statue..i mean dont get me wrong tupac was beyond talented..died far too soon..and while it made me shudder to read that the man said God killed pac because he was evil and portrayed himself as Jesus on his album cover, I can understand why he doesnt agree with people acting like tupac was a God or anything close…he did have some eye opening lyrics but would then turn around and talk about hoes and killing folks and the whole 9 sooo not sure hes someone kids should be trying to emulate or anything like that..i dont know what the center does for the community and I dont mean to disrespect the dead but I can see some of the points the man was trying to make

  • http://deleted QT

    he speaks the truth

  • The Truth

    I do agree with his sentiments.

    Tupac did not live what he preached.

    More times than not, he exhibited weak, foolish, hypercritical and foolish minded, decisions, actions, statements etc, etc, etc

    Perhaps though, he could of found a better way to share his sentiments than vandalism though.


    I take issue with his methods…BUT I AGREE WITH HIS MESSAGE.BTW…whose “genius” idea was it to name a center for the arts after this clown? That PAC & BIGGIE have taken on mythical proportion since their death is something shameful.

  • tanisha

    I am sorry was what he saying not the TRUTH?!! you shouldn’t vandalize property but his reasons make complete sense. Tupac was by no means a messiah to anyone. he was a good artist that made bad decisions.

  • VoiceOfReason

    Wow! I really thought that these comments would be on some “Eff that dude, he crazy, long live Tupac’ stuff, but I am pleasantly surprised that we have taken the time to really discuss the issues. I agree, Tupac did not live his life (or at least publicly) in a way that should be emulated by our young people. We can celebrate his talent and memory and the good (however little) that he did for his people and/or community without making up fairytales about who he was. Let’s just be honest.

  • tanisha

    anyone notice that anyone who puts themselves on the cover looking like Jesus gets slapped. look at remy

  • Dont Like Me

    Ms. Nish

    That’s why the guy that defaced the statue will get a fine and maybe some community service for vandalism. He shouldn’t get off scott-free.

    I don’t agree with many images, statues, and ideas, but I don’t vandalise them.

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    whoa! i thought that was a statue of a priest..i have never seen a picture of Tupac dressed that way, so their sybolism is off..and i think this is a hate crime regardless of the fact that Tupac and the suspect are of the same race, clearly this man does not like Tupac

  • KD

    Wow! Dont know what to say about that one, but the guy has some valid points. To be portrayed as a preacher is wrong, and Pac had some issues with the law, and with women. Yeah, he did some bad things, but would as many of the youth at that time been able to relate or connect with him, if he was as clean as say, Will Smith? For him to be held high in most peoples eyes is cool, but everybody has trouble they go through, thats what makes them “real” or easy for most to relate to. BTW, how could this dude deface a public statue, and preach Christian values while puttin Tommy draws on its head? SMH!

  • bria

    We idolize such dumb asz shyt in our communities. Why do we idolize these hip-hop artisist more than we GOD. I don’t get it. Maybe that is why we have the mess and the foolishness that we have in our neighborhoods. I guess GOD has said you all have turned your backs on me so have at it. I get what this guy is talking about. Maybe he went about in a crazy kind of way, but, I understand his frustration. I am sick of these artisist getting glorified for basically nothing. I am sorry that he was killed I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but, does he deserve a statue. Nope.

  • Suga Mo

    That dude needs a job. He got to much time on his hands if all he can think about is how much he hates tupac…. What stupid is he doesn’t know him or his mother obviously…. Tupac man has been gone a long time and hypocritical or not he also did alot of good things.

    All most ppl know of him is his superstar image…I was young when I meet him (he was already very famous) and he wasn’t much, in his “everyday” life, like his records and image would have him appear…And was very sad about the expectation he had to live up to.. Good and bad. If he wasn’t rapping about killing and ho, he was not real enough and not making the money he needed to take care of his responsibilities. When he was, we loved it and glorified him… Tupac was not unlike any person who is complex…He wanted to be loved.


    @ tanisha

    Yes, I def. noticed that. Even biggie with his Ready to Die title. Biggie made one really disrepsectful song that started with the lyrics, “If I die, fuk it I want to go to Hell”, and even more way out lyrics after in the same song. God is not to be disrespected or played with, even for artistic expression. If you stand on something before the world like they did, God will make it so IMO. Dude should have found another way to express his dissent for the Center tho for real. RIP to PAC and BIGGIE.

  • MarieDaGuru

    How many statues of WASP pillagers,plunderes, slave holders, and rapist do you see on your campuses, in front of your state and federal office buildings? My bet is that you see them everywhere you go. So don’t give my any crap about their being a Tupac statue when there’s probably a few statues of some foul characters in the White House lobby.

  • Suga Mo

    He was talking to bunch of elementary student at the hip hop conference one year in DC at howard and we asked what he wanted to be when he was young… He said he always loved the “arts”, but he wanted to be a “preacher and insprire ppl”. That probably Y his mom did that…. Who to say that he wouldnt..Malcom X was once a conflicted man.

  • MarieDaGuru

    dude was wrong PLAIN AND SIMPLE for vandalizing, Pac.

  • MarieDaGuru

    and lastly (because I’m ticked) how can we act like we know all there is to know about Pac, the man?

    Hell, Malcom X was a thug known as Detroit Red and you see what time and experience led him to become.

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