Oh Lawd – Here They Go Again

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We know you’re probably sick of hearing about these two, so we’ll keep this short and sweet…..

Here’s and update on the Heavy Drama we reported yesterday: On the heels of getting a restraining order from ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tomkins, Bugs Monkey has gone ahead and served her with a defamation suit. The amount he’s requesting: $20 million.

The fire investigation is still in progress…..


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  • swoosh

    now he just being nasty

  • swoosh


  • iluvprada

    50 just loves attention! How many times is this dude gonna be in the news this week! Can we just make it offical already…everyday is 50 day!

  • St. Boner

    This is just another step closer for fiddy to get sole custody of his kid and kick this triflin hoodrat of a cunt to the curb permanently.

  • iluvprada

    And yes, 50 name is right next to the word ‘REVENGE’ in the dictionary! This kat don’t play! One day he’ll see dat sometimes you have to be the bigger person and walk the hell away! Cause it will come back on you! Maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but it will eventually! You don’t throw stone for stone, and expect to come out on top every time!

  • vonnieluv

    Wow now he know she don’t have that kind of doe, I wonder how this is gonna turn out. I feel sorry for his son that has to go through this crap.

  • Dawn

    Fifty know damn well he had that house burnt down! He needs to stop. And Shanequa is no better. They are both assholes and deserve no part in raising a child. Poor lil’ boy. I’m praying for him.

  • And.....(with 5 dots)

    I say countdown to murder. Shaniqua is going to snap and kill him, or have someone else to do it for her. The writing is on the wall. He’s a trifflin low-down SOB. Even if she created a lot of this mess herself, obviously she is at a low-point in her life and he keeps on kicking her down.

  • Sick

    Yell-50’s-my-dog! Stop-dem-crazy …

  • Get 'Em Girl

    I am really starting not to like this ’50 character. This lady house has been burned down and now she’s got nothing. Regardless, that’s his son and if she’s got custody and the boy lives with her, why would you send a cell phone to your son instead of putting them up somewhere until they got back on their feet. Come on now, this dude gotta have some compassion.

  • Lauren Sleeps...Don't take Benadryl @ work ya'll...

    LMAO….Yea 50 ain’t playin…ah well Shaniqua betta hit them poles or something

  • Doagae

    Someone told me once that .50 sold his soul to the devil….I’m starting to believe it….

  • ***

    Look at is life. He was trying to start fake beefs with Oprah, Alicia Keys and Olivia. Now look how everything is backfiring in his face. If that Young Buck person is really on drugs he might be the one who crazy enough to take him out literally since he seems right now to have nothing to lose. 50 brought all this on himself. Oh yeah, he can’t spend all of the money when he’s dead.

  • Keesha

    @ ITZ Daddy Nicca

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! FUNNY!!! I needed a laugh today. Thanks.

    @ Lauren

    Get him girl. I know you will

  • nikkifromdaport

    50 cent is just being petty now….she couldn’t even pay 4500.00 rent for May how she gonna come up with 20 mil. 50 just loves chaos, now that his music is garbage he needs to draw attention away from that and bother everyone else.

  • Lauren Sleeps...Don't take Benadryl @ work ya'll...

    @ Its Daddy Nicca, you won’t like me i’m not old and my titties don’t sag…

    Hey Keesh!

  • always knew

    Things like this have a tendency to occur when you have a baby by someone, then think that you don’t have to work or provide, that you will continue to benefit by living off of someone else. She had some other man living in a house, he paid for. She didn’t want to leave and trying to throw it back in his face. He looked out for the dumb broad by letting her live in a million dollar home, he didn’t have to do that . I hate to say it, but, this is what happens when you start messing around with a gold-digger…..

  • http://WWW.HAIRTOPOLY.COM SimplicityNYC

    @ always knew


  • Keesha

    @ Lauren

    LOL!!!Hey girl. In his mind, I think that was a compliment. LOL

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    50 gets on my damn nerves… Why don’t he go away already! By the way whatever happen to him retiring after Kanye whipped his ass in sales last year???

    I’m feeling sorry for the kid.. How’s he gonna have any respect for his dad by treating his mom like shyt!

  • memchee

    this reminds me of marion jones suing victor conte for libel.

    She won, but no one was stupid and it was eventually proven that she used steroids.

    the same’s gonna happen to 50 cents, ‘cept that fire looks more like attempted murda!

    Stay strong Shaniqua…..girl u might hav ta file bnkruptcy but everything will come to light!

  • http://www.blackgirlworld.blogspot.com cutie pie

    Whoa wait now he’s suing her for $20 mil where is she getting this money fro? we all know the money she has is all 50

  • Madame Enigma

    This is not looking good for Fitty’s claims of innocence…

  • I'm Just Me


    20 mil and she owes you back rent


  • anolod

    Folks just don’t get it! The days of getting “them” a house to live in is over. She needs to use that child support for what it is for. Not going shopping and supporting some dude and everyone else. See, look at it like this. While these folks were all up in 50’s HOUSE (YES, HIS that he provided for his son) he was liable for anything that happened in that house. (see MIKE VICK) If someone got hurt or whatever the case may have been, he could have been sued. She needs to use the child support for housing the child, not 50 providing housing for the neighbors and JuneBug an ‘nem.

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