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Melyssa Ford is trying to get away as far as possible from what help put her on the map. In a recent interview with J’adore magazine, she says:

“When I started doing videos, things were different from they are now. I came in when there was no such thing as a ‘video hoe’ and most girls were not aspiring to just be video girls. There was no stigma attached to the profession so it was no big deal.”

Videos are her claim to fame but when it comes to giving others advice on the road to take nowadays, Melyssa doesn’t encourage taking the same route she took.

I take the shininess off of the business. Everything has changed, the industry is now oversaturated with too many girls wanting to do the same thing. So, the opportunities for success really slim to none. Videos possessed larger budgets upwards of $1 million or more and were more like mini-movies, where it was realistic to get a part that was part of a storyline and was more entertaining. Nowadays, current roles offered are demeaning and relegate the women to be no more than glammed up sex objects, both on and off camera.

Some videos are degrading and demeaning but since the rap game started putting more on models, bottles and hoes then that is what the videos portray. Melyssa has been doing videos since 1997, so is it really safe to say that she is not considered to be a ‘video hoe’??? She is known for being in Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin’, Mystical’s Shake Ya A$$, and Sisqo’s Thong Song (Remix)…

Melyssa Ford, Video Hoe or NOT??? Will she ever be able to shed that image???




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