Michael Leaves Rayne's Birthday Party On "Life After Lockup"

“Love After Lockup” Exclusive: Take A Wild Guess Why Michael Left His Daughter’s Birthday Party Without Saying Goodbye? [VIDEO]

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Life After Lockup

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Baby Daddy Drama on a hundred… Y’all know how folks say be careful who you have kids with, right? Well sometimes while watching “Life After Lockup” we wonder if those folks had Michael in mind when they came up with that. We’re just a day away from the next episode of WeTV guilty pleasure “Life After Lockup” and you know we have an exclusive When Michael shows up at his daughter’s birthday party without any warning and leaves the same way, Sarah is frustrated beyond belief. She had hoped he could meet her new friend days before the party but his failure to communicate meant her best laid plans were totally ruined. Check out the clip below and you’ll see it all for yourself:


Sheesh — is it just us or is Michael immature beyond words? He really just walked in the party, hugged his oldest daughter, took his youngest daughter from someone who she was enjoying, held her until she got uncomfortable and started crying then passed her back off and walked out. THEN, had the nerve to tell Sarah it was her fault even though from what we could see, he played no part in setting up the party or making sure things ran smoothly. Communicating is key y’all! Do you think Sarah was in the wrong for allowing Malcolm to attend before meeting Michael OR is Michael just overreacting?

Here’s what else to expect from the episode:

Sheriff Brittany lays down the law with her mom. Michael steps into the fray at Rayne’s party. Tony spins out of control after hearing Angela’s news. Lamar’s carelessness threatens Andrea’s plans. Lacey and Shane’s fertility journey takes a shocking turn.

A new episode of “Life After Lockup” airs Friday at 9/8c.

This will be the last episode of this special 4-episode series, new episodes of “Love After Lockup” will be returning to WeTV on 10/9



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