The Federali’s Want Blade in The Pen

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The Feds are still ridin’ hard against Blade, trying to make sure he sits behind bars for tax fraud:

The U.S. Attorney’s office filed a motion Thursday appealing the decision that allowed actor Wesley Snipes to remain free on bond while he appeals a jail sentence. Snipes is appealing his three-year sentence for not filing tax returns, but attorneys said he has been convicted by a jury of his peers, so he should be locked up.

Snipes’ attorneys, though, said the actor was not a flight risk.

Don’t they have something more important to do than to try to chase after Blade??? Seems “suspect” how aggressive the Feds are in going after Snipes.

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    1st….who cares he should’ve paid his damm taxes!

  • finesseyoswagger

    Wes, get ur affairs 2gether so u can continue to entertain!

  • Nurse GiGi

    The Gov can’t stand to see US get paid in the FIRST place…so to cheat them just adds salt to the wound.

  • lolo127


  • leroy

    It doesnt matter who it is – taxpayers have to pay their taxes, period. it’s only fair to the rest of us who pay taxes.

  • Dfiestyone

    That’s right, lock his ugly tax evading azz up!!! If they did it to one of the Isley Brothers, they need to do it to him as well!!! BLADE, straight to jail and don’t pass go homie!!

  • Stephy

    Put his @ss in jail…my parents have been paying taxes for years…never get a refund, never get a break…he need to pay like the rest. An the sad part is…he could afford to do so. Trifling @ss.

  • Til You Do Right By Me...

    @ St Boner….Why would we care??? It’s not as if he’s phyneeeeeeeeeeeeeee! We don’t care!! People comment on it because only a fool would dis the seed of his origin!

    I don’t think that’s called hate!

  • Negrita Tan Rica

    Damn…that sucks. IRS doesn’t give a care who you are, when they want they money, they gonna take it. Trust and believe they can and will seize whatever they can from you to obtain their payment and they ain’t playing. It happened to my papi so I know. =(

    It’s a scary thing when you go to get your paycheck and your entire account has been frozen for 6 months.

  • Hannibal

    Good, make his ugly black ass go to jail so we wont have to see anymore of his wack ass movies!!! Blade was enough!!!

  • Nurse GiGi

    @ St. Boner

    Just curious…Why the animosity?

  • Sparkle

    And wasn’t ole Wesley the first to try and holler the IRS just don’t like him “cuz he black?” God don’t like ugly. Dont make blanket statements about your own people cuz other races ain’t sh-t either when the rubber meets the dayum road. They’ll grin all up in your face AS LONG as you got the cheddar but when it runs out so solly Charley – off to next black King Kong with dolla!!

    And wasn’t the black woman who allegedly told him to “get his own sh-t” the wife of Deion Sanders – Pilar who at that time was a struggling actress by the name of Pilar Biggers? I think that was BEFORE he got the fame and fortune he got now and she was tired herself after a long day of go-sees.

  • ELove

    First off YT F-up on their taxes also or do you dumb-azz(s) think that All-White people pay their taxes On-Time and All-the-Time… And if you’re NOT a Dumb-Azz then don’t get mad and comment back 😉

    And they just pissed cause a black man got juice and was able to tell them to Stick-It

  • SambaSkool

    Why are so many black folks QUICK to believe that his Asian woman is so faithful and quick to believe in him and a sista won’t. DO YOU personally have a good little Asian wifey by your side or have you been so poisoned with self-hatred that you can’t see anything good in your own race?

  • St. Boner


    He was still doing better than her unknown goldding azz, hense her latching on to another moneytrain dick.

  • Negrita Tan Rica

    lmao @ python king

    and so true sparkle. The IRS knows no color but green.

  • Nurse GiGi

    @ St. Boner

    …umm ok. I would be lying if I said that didn’t make me laugh for a SPLIT second.. still wasn’t cool though…how yu su fresh?

    To all:

    how do WE know that he used to be with, “triflin black hoes”. Please fill me in. Also, let’s not pick on his wife. She could be a great woman for all we know.

  • Hannibal

    His wife probably knows how to make playstations and loves sushi

  • SambaSkool


    Don’t tell me that you SERIOUSLY believe that rich men (or women) have people of ANY race hangin around them out of true love? Any woman Wesley met was bound to be a golddigger one way or the other. Ironically I work for the IRS, travel to Hollywood quite frequently and most of the celebs I encounter seem to have nothing but moochers hanging around them (at least while the money and Cristal is poppin). For black celebs and sports figures, most of those hanger ons are NOT black.

  • me

    Every time a black man is about to go to jail for committing a crime, a white/government conspiracy is to blame.

    Wesley Snipes committed tax evasion which is crime carries a punishment of jail time. He knew what he did, thats why he tried to hide out in South Africa on a fake passport. For the sake of moving on with his life and career, he needs to accept his punishment and go to jail.

  • Nurse GiGi

    @ St. Boner

    Please stop the graphics

  • SambaSkool

    True dat! But if we are going to resort to stereotypes why was Wesley NOT doing his job and PAYING his taxes? If you are an American citizen and making money then you had better do your job and pay UNCLE SAM his taxes cuz Sam don’t give a sh-t who you are, your ass is going down for the count.

    If Sam tell you to pay them taxes then don’t be evading that govt for 10 years and then playin the race card when your azz is busted by “the man.”

    An an agent for the IRS, DO YOUR JOB and pay those taxes because Sam is a gorilla pimp. Pay him his money or prepare for the beat down!

  • St. Boner

    Nurse GiGi

    LOL! I do apologize for my clumbsy display to win your favor, but your image reduces me to a gelatinous puddle of raw lustful emotions. O’ just purchance to die in between your silken thighs, i would brave the deepest pits of hell to experience the taste of your nectar.

  • Nurse GiGi

    (can’t believe I’m still blogging)

    @ St. Boner

    um, as vulgar as you are, I see that you have a penchant for words.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Wesley is still rich so that means he aint going to jail. The gov. would rather have his stashed millions in Africa first, then when they have his ass dead broke, then he’ll do a lil jail time. And remember his wife is asian so he probably has bank accounts in her name there too.

    So forget that jail sh*t!

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