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Nas recently discussed why he had to fall back on his album title:

It was a matter of deciding between changing the name or skipping the major retail outlets I knew wouldn’t carry the record and just selling it through my website and stores that had balls. [Def Jam chairman] L.A. Reid and I had a conversation — I enlightened him and he enlightened me, and he was with me. But I want as many people as possible to hear this, and it was going to be a messy battle that was going to distract from what the album had to say.

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  • finesseyoswagger

    you do what u have to do Nas…

  • Nurse GiGi

    It’s really all good anyway, because the majority has received the message…so much media coverage over the original title. His mission is being accomplished as we speak.

  • http://mokellyreport.blogspot.com Mo'Kelly

    “Mission?” What “mission?”

    He can’t translate the “media coverage” into sales, so no, he’s not accomplished anything. If he can’t get it into retailers, he can’t sell it.

  • http://mokellyreport.blogspot.com Mo'Kelly

    You give this fool WAY too much credit. Anybody with an ounce of sense already knew that retailers like Wal-Mart (The largest retailer of music in the country) has a no-warning sticker label policy. Meaning, he can change the title all he wants, but unless he offers an ultra-clean version…they STILL won’t carry it.

    He’s not accomplishing anything.

  • Nurse GiGi

    What mission…HIS personal mission. Buy his album, so you can find out.

  • Nurse GiGi

    since you are soo interested.

  • Til You Do Right By Me...

    Hey MoKelly, Normally you’re on point but I think off on this one. Nurse GiGi is right. Given all of the pub…we all know what the real name of the CD is…..Everyone knows! Also the Fact that he has that big fat N on his back….just proves he really didn’t change anything. Sorry, I think Nas wins on this one. Lets see how the sales do.

  • Til You Do Right By Me...

    *you’re off*

  • Lesli

    Rationality has prevailed and Nas has shown he is a realist by acknowledging he needs to sell records for the album to be a success. It’s a shame he has to change the album name, but the message is the same and real fans will know what the original album was called. Any chance of getting a copy of the original album cover?

  • mimi

    nas suck anyway

  • Jahpson

    The title of that album and that photo are not funny, entertaining or original.

    In very poor taste in my opinion and a desperate cry for help and attention.

    thumbs down

  • Jahpson

    @ Python King

    well said! whew. truth hurts.

  • http://www.umbn.net Kdogg

    NAS accidentally wrote a HipHop classic (Illmatic)15 or so years ago and let that success go to his head. Back then we were all awestruck by the genius in his lyrics but i can honestly say that I have yet to hear anything of any consistent value come from him since.

  • memchee

    his message in originally giving the title the “N” word came off as defiance ……

    especially at a time when hip hop and rap is/was being accused of contributing to the loose use of the word and the constant denigration of african american women!

    I still have respect for Nas, will eventually get the album…….

  • IhopeMYbabychosecollegeOVERhipHOP


  • kigali Weaves R4 Trannies

    The title was a distraction.


    I wouldn’t even download his tired lame ass, Nas is no genuis, all he wants is record sales and tries to create controversey just to sell, that’s an old trick. After this last stunt the record companies will show him the door after they show his cd’s the dumpster.

  • Leslie

    KDogg, you are why Black people are disintegrating, as your whole idea of being black is to conform to what the black conscious movement stands for. Not everyone agrees with your standpoint and as much as you dislike Nas and the other rappers, ie Tupac etc, they are making a difference that you will never achieve in your life, so bear that in mind.

  • It isn't entertaining

    I doubt the photo is supposed to be funny or entertaining, but rather thought provoking. Here in San Francisco they have a holocaust museum. I couldn’t understand why, but now I do. It is supposed to teach you something about cruelty, racism, and inhumanity. You are supposed to learn a lesson and say to yourself “never again”. Black people in this country are not allowed to mention or feel anything about slavery unless its done during our history lessons in grade school after that we are pretty much told to get over it. However, Jewish people can. That isn’t fair. Both were horrible and had terrible effects on family life and our races as a whole. I think its good that Nas is bringing it up and making people face it. I just hope that his lyrical content will be of some substance and will be just as thought provoking.

  • It isn't entertaining

    I agree with you Miss Sharmaine. Good luck on pursuing your dreams.

  • Link9

    Well, see what money makes people do. I knew he would change it b/c it would hurt his pockets.

  • I'm Just Me

    I feel him. I mean he had his purpose artistically for naming the album this but you also want it to sell so that people can hear your message. I think overall it was a smart move.

  • pnut

    people fail to realize that there are economically-wise decisions to be made in the music industry as well…it IS a business. Kudos to Nas for making a sensible change.

  • bria

    He is an extemely intelligent person. But, unfortunately through the dumming down of black people with hip-hop his message would have never gotten across. Now all people want to hear about is material things and Jay Z and Beyonce. But anything that will enlighten your mind and make you think beyond a gucci bag has been completely taken out of black music. It started with taking the soul out and then they took the love out of black music and then they took the knowledge out.

    Now you have a bunch of young ladies crying and threating to do the guy so wrong because of a bad love of lack of love. You have the guys basically singing too each other because they are definately not singing too the ladies anymore.

    Or you have people singing about a bunch of materialistic stuff now. That is why you have little girls now willig to sell their soul for a designer bag.

    Black music has always been the back bone of the music industry. And, that was mainly because of it’s diversity. But now if you have all of the females looking, singing, and acting alike and all the men looking, singing, and acting alike you took away the diversity in our music.

    So what you did is the people that actually will go out and buy a cd their is no music for them too buy. We are not going too buy soldier boy. Nothing against him we just won’t buy it. So the record industry is trying to figure out why hip-hop is not selling it’s because how many time can you sell the same song over and over. The soul, diversity, and the love is gone from the music. Now all you have is music that should be stolen no one should by this crapt that is out now.

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