On the Party Scene: Chrisette Michele and her Girls Bring in the Holidays

- By Bossip Staff

Chrisette Michele was seen on the scene at NJ hot spot 501 looking a mess.  Of course Bossip spies were in the building, and they say she only performed one song and was M.I.A. for the rest of the night.

Sidenote: did she rock a thermal to a club??? SMH.

More flicks under the hood.

Pics via Alleyesonwho.com

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  • citiboi


  • kash

    i’m sorry but I’m not feeling this chick at all…..she has 2 cd’s & swears she’s the baddest thing to hit the music scene. her diva attitude…..i’ll be glad when she fades out.

  • troof

    she is overated, and looks ugly with her contorted faces when she sings. the only thing that akes her hip-hop is being signed to def jam.

  • Who Has Offended you and Stifled Your Progress?

    It’s okay for celebs to dress down when they want to…they’re people too! As for the singing……….i think i liked her better when she was only featured on rap songs. Sounds a bit like an exaggerated J. Scott on her own work! I’ll take original Jill. Thanx!

  • Hey Bossip.....

    So What!

  • http://www.zoogley.com Christina Campbell

    She looks great!

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  • Faith

    I love Chrisette and her music. And her attire looks great. I don’t know why everyone is trying to insult her. . .

    And I’m mad that she wasn’t nominated for ANY Grammy!

  • sickwitit

    she looks tow up in that first pic, i agree with whoever said she’s a bootleg jill scott

  • HaleyB

    what is so grande about her? she can sing okay, nothing special.

  • BapBarbie

    Love Chrissette!!

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  • http://aol ebonieladi

    Chrisette is a very good singer. Very talented, but look out for Melanie Fiona. That girl is FIRE. I hope to hear a lot more from her in 2010. Check out her cd “The Bridge”. So many good songs on there which is rare. Her song, “Somebody Come Get Me” get this knife out my hand, Somebody come get me before I kill this man is the joint.

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    Also her song ‘It Kills Me’ is killing it on the charts.

  • Tara (Rebel to the Madness...)

    Chrisette Michele, you are a cutie! She is a favorite vocalist of mine; check out her song “Golden”. It is the song that made me notice her music completely. Also check out the song “Your Joy”. 🙂

  • Jay the Real One

    I like her. She’s attractive. She seems like a sweetheart. Stop following mindlessly black folks.

  • Clova

    IM a big chrisette michele fan. And i think she’s gorgeous. i dont see what was wrong with her outfit but it is what it is.


    Chrisette Michelle is not overrated she is talented, beautiful and has a knack for originality. Beyonce is wicked (evil) and overrated. All you people brainwashed into thinking Beyonce is the best will soon learn exactly what your roles are in this world… brainwashed dummies.

  • ItsLikeWhatever

    @ Jesus Christ The KIng:

  • http://bossip MoniSings

    I like Chrisette Michelle. Anyone who can just stand on stage with a microphone and rock the joint (without 30 other people on stage including 8 back-up singers and all kinds of laser and pyro-technics to KEEP the crowd focused on effects and not the vocals) has my vote! I disagree that she is a Jill Scott knock-off. First of all, there is only ONE Jill and Chrisette has her own style. She is cute and seems very sincere. No weave down her back, no crotch-locking leotard, no 5 lbs of makeup – just her and a mic. That’s the truth. And that’s the shyt.

  • http://aol ebonieladi


    Ditto all the way! She is the truth just like Melanie Fiona is the truth. We should be hearing much more from the 2 of them in 2010.

  • Sylmarvelous

    She’s not my favorite but she can sing better than other people that just sound good in the studio!

  • PiNkIe

    I like Chrisette Michele she has her own style, which is more jazz influenced. Her and Jill Scott have their own style. I think this whole post is stupid. Her outfit looked fine to me. I think everyone is just brain washed by singers like Beyonce. If you think she can’t sing, or is stealing someone elses style then you don’t know music. I think her and Melanie Fiona will be the next big thing. They both are good singers who don’t have to bounce around a stage to prove themselves. I like Beyonce’ but shes overrated. Everytime you look arounde somebodies suing who song credits. She not and real artist she very commerical.


    that’s my girl, but every time i see her she looks bigger and bigger

  • The Bear...YES I'm BACK

    I really really dig her.

  • BME

    I don’t know, there’s something about this chick I don’t like. I think @Kash said it best.

  • blackbarbie

    While I CONCUR that Ms. Michele can BLOW, I must say I also agree with the assertion that she has a diva-esque attitude. I met her at a CD signing earlier this year and she barely smiled or attempted to engage her fans. I chalked it up to her being shy, but hearing the same thing from multiple sources has led me to believe my original analysis.

    I’m all for encouraging and supporting truly talented artists like Ms. Michele, but there is a lot to be said for humility and appreciation for the fans who’ve catapulted you to stardom.

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