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See, you when you do clownery…

B. Smith and her family grapple with Alzheimer's.

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Back in early 2019, the Internet was disgusted to hear that B. Smith’s husband Dan Gasby, who was the caretaker of the legendary model/restaurateur, had seemingly moved his girlfriend (see: side chick) into their house. According to Dan, his mistress Alex Lerner didn’t actually live with them, just visited, and there was nothing wrong with it considering that the late legend who suffered from Alzheimer’s was “friendly” with the woman.

Later more criticism came for the husband when ABC News Anchor Paul Wharton alleged that he witnessed Alex Lerner “hit B. Smith’s hand” to chastise her.

“And I grabbed Alex’s hand, and I said, ‘Alex, you know you really can’t do that,'” Wharton recalled.

He also alleged that he witnessed Alex lash out at Dan Gasby in a fit of rage for calling B. the “the kindest, sweetest woman he’d ever met.” Reportedly the jealous mistress nagged Dan saying;

 “I’m sitting here, and you’re saying that B is the kindest, sweetest woman you ever met?” before allegedly “slapping the heck outta him.”

Still despite the controversy, Dan stood tall against criticism and clapped back at detractors on social media calling them “racist” and “wallowing in the filth of mud and lies”; “I love my wife but I can’t let her take away my life!” said the caretaker.

Now it appears that Mr. Gasby’s single again after his beloved left him high and dry.

Dan Gasby was a guest on Jean Shafiroff’s “Successful Philanthropy” and shared that Alex who also co-hosted the “Thank You Dan And Alex” podcast with him, recently up and left after B. Smith’s passing in February.

“She took off and you know, whatever. I wish her well. Life has a way of–whatever you deserve you’ll ultimately get and that’s fine.”

During the interview, he also clarified that Alex never lived with him and B. Smith and the “angry woman” [Alex] just “put stuff in a room.”

Clearly, this was NOT an amicable split.

“She never lived there. That was an angry woman–there was a room where she could stay and put stuff if she wanted to put stuff,” he said.

He also added that Alex’s race shouldn’t have been a big deal in the press because he and B dated people of all races.

But the press and because of the racial situation, the press and certain people had a field day with that. My wife dated white men, Asian men. I dated white, Black, whatever. Some people are not comfortable with that. But Alex Learner never lived at my house. She was there on weekends, twice a month. And I’d go into town and stay at her place on occasion.”

Sure thing, sir!

Dan Gasby also wanted to make it clear that Alex didn’t mistreat his late wife who was “lovely” even as she battled the disease.

“She was very kind to B. when she was there. B. was lovely, even through Alzheimer’s,” he recalled. “Me and my daughter still laugh at it, they have a tendency–some people are really violent or really mean. When she got mad, she would just make up words because she couldn’t figure out how to say curse words. And we would just laugh. And she would start laughing.”

There are also pics of the two together on Dan Gasby’s @ThankYouDan social media.

You can watch Dan Gasby below, the comments start around the 17:20 mark.

What do YOU think about Dan Gasby’s girlfriend ditching him???


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