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Rah Ali, Ari Fletcher

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Seems like there was an actual motive behind Ariana Fletcher sending threats to harm Rah Ali and her baby online last week and it allegedly involves creeping?

After some investigation, Rah Ali revealed she’s discovered that Ariana Fletcher, 25, has been fooling around with someone she dated in the past. Although Rah, who shared her alleged discovery on her radio show, is married to someone totally different right now and pregnant she feels like the information pieces together Ari’s actions since her ex apparently still “loves” her and it might have irritated Ariana.

The second kicker here is that Ariana Fletcher in a very public romance with rapper Moneybagg Yo and they’ve been rocking together for the past 9 months. Theses two have been dropping lots of expensive gifts on each other including luxury cars and designer duds…so does this mean it’s all been a lie?

Rah explains Ari’s alleged infidelity like this:

“For the past several months, right, SEVERAL MONTHS for about 9-10 months Ari has been f*cking my ex. Ari may get on social media and portray the image that she is so happy and in love in her relationship but it is all an act. She’s doing everything in between with this ni**a. Any second that she has free that she’s not in Bagg’s face begging for attention from him, she’s getting it from this ni**a. And that is where the passion and hate came from the  “

Continuing to blast the young influencer, Rah alleges the secret hook up prompted Ari’s prior threats.

“When you loving on a ni**a that love another b*tch, you got a little bit of jealousy and envy built up inside of you. OKAY?!”

In case you missed it, Rah’s revelation comes days after Ari threatened to “beat the baby out” of Rah’s stomach after Ari’s tweets about feeling misunderstood were posted to Rah’s media page, Its Onsite.

Yikes!! So far, Ariana Fletcher has not reacted publicly to Rah’s allegations.

Do you think there is any truth to Rah’s allegation Ari is cheating on Moneybagg Yo?


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