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Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri hit up the Versace fashion show in Milan this weekend all coupled up. JD must have some toilet paper stuffed in those white shoes of his.  His feet look a little longer than usual.

Peep more and another couple Paula Patton and Robin Thicke at some picnic in Hollyweird below:

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  • isitnow


  • Hannibal

    Who cares…

  • Hannibal

    Two of the ugliest couples on the face of the Earth!

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    Ugh, Janet must be depressed about the sales of her album, again..she is gaining weight, again..

    Paula needs to give Robin his hat back.

  • Sit yo five dolla a*s down before I make change!

    Paula and Robin do look extra shiny like they have been in the heat ALL DAY LONG…LOL

  • Dee

    @bree, Janet is definitely gaining again. And Paula don’t look right at all.


    Janet and JD so and what is all needed to be said. He is doing what everyman with a woman does go to an event we can give less than a S*&t about so we can have what women want “Qualtiy Time!”. Hell Janet still fine and freaky than a MF why wouldn’t I spend sometime with her so she handle business later………

  • Negrita Tan Rica

    Oh wow…didn’t recognize Janet for a sec there. I still love her though. Glad they are still together!

  • Plastic Surgery NO NO

    Janet is looking terrible in that photo. She looks like a darker Michael Jackson. The way Janet’s weight seems to fluctuate, I’m guessing she is supposed to be a larger size woman. Just let Big Bertha come out girl. J/K I don’t think she gained weight, its probably just the photo.

  • Capital Peach

    Wow JD and JJ are starting to look alike.


  • Bree

    Janet is on her weave game again…. Get it gurl.

  • St. Boner

    Paula prolly doesn’t look right due to her miscarriage. Just goes to show, that cocaine laced sperm does not a healthy pregnantcy make. She looked way finer in Deja Vu.

  • Mocha

    JD’s chiclet teeth fascinate me.

  • Janet

    Janet needs to reinvent herself and stop with the same crap that she did in the 90s…that worked THEN, but she is aging….she can’t keep doing that crap forever.

    Janet in her heyday starved herself for her videos…remember shen she was up and coming – she had some meat (think Pleasure Principle)…when she blew up, she forced herself to keep herbody tight.

    Now that he career is pretty much washed up, she feels no need to stay way from the cookies…

  • Ms. Doagae

    They look good…..are we to believe that these two still ain’t married? Let alone engaged…I bet they’ve been married for years….

  • LdyK

    toilet paper stuffed in those shoes….hahahahah priceless!

    janet looks a lil thick in the midddle….but we ALL know she’s famous for gaining and then loosing it in 3 days! LOL

  • Almost Famous

    I RARELY ever see a pic where Janet shows her legs….am I the only one who has noticed?

  • lolo127


  • no thank you

    It musta been 1000 degrees at that f***** picnic, ’cause, Robin, Paula and Rashida all look extra greazy, and I’m the biggest Robin Thicke fan there is.

  • Juicy R

    Janet looks really nice. Now the problem is JD, he could of worn a black suit or something else better than that.

  • bcan

    i guess this is janet’s “normal” size. she stills looks good & she got a man!! he’s half pint but it stills counts.

  • The Truth Has Spoken

    I always thought Janet had ugly feet & messed up legs cuz she NEVER EVER NEVER showed them. but her feet look nice & I don’t see any scars on her legs so I guess that she must’ve picked up that anxiety during her Fame & Different Strokes day’s. That’s when she say’s she 1st became aware of her weight.

  • Hi Hater!

    Why does Janet look like an alcoholic? You know the type that’ll throw on some specs & a wig so she can go to a bar at 11 in the morning hoping none of her kids catch her in there.

  • Hi Hater!

    What the hell happened to Paula Patton’s hair? what’s that fuzzy nest on her forehead a bang? She need to stop toking coke with Robin!

  • girlfriend22

    Janet Jackson is as beautiful as ever!

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