Angelina Jolie says Cheating is Healthy for Married Couples

- By Bossip Staff

Angelina Jolie is no stranger to living an “Out of the Box” type of life. In a recent interview with Das Neue (German Magazine) Angelina says:

“I doubt infidelity is absolutely essential fora a relationship… It’s worse to leave your partner and talk badly about him afterwards.”

Oh Really Angeliana… We don’t think Elin felt the same way about Tiger’s infidelities!!!

The 34-year-old, who has often denied sleeping with Pitt when he was still married to actress Jennifer Aniston, said that this freedom applies to all aspects of the couple’s life together.

“Neither Brad nor I have ever claimed that living together means to be chained together. We make sure that we never restrict each other.”

Angelina also paints a picture of what happens when her and Brad aren’t in agreement:

The sparks fly at home if the nice Brad fails to see that he’s wrong and reacts in a defiant way. Then I can get so angry that I tear his shirt.

With all these views of having an open and free marriage, she stills denies ever sleeping with Brad while he was still married to Jennifer:

“To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive. I could not look at myself in the morning, if I did that.”

So Angeliana, lets get this straight. It would have been wrong for you to let Brad chop you down while he was still married to Jennifer BUT it’s okay for him to go chop some other skeezy skank while he is married to you???

Ladies, if you happen to run into Brad Pitt and want him to soak up your panties, Angelina won’t be mad!!! This Sh*zzz Doesn’t Make Any Sense What-So-Ever!!! Maybe is it sounded better in German??!?!


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  • Marquis de Sade



    Monogamy IS NOT the way men …or women are wired.That’s for sure.

  • Kigali- Interdependent black woman

    This sounds crazy. Seriously, do people ever think about the children? This society is too adult-centered.

  • lala

    May not be wired to be monogamous, but it’s possible to be monogamous. I know plenty of men and women who are married and have never looked at another man or woman, let alone slept with another man or woman. Cheating is a choice. Men who like to cheat or play the field don’t need to be married, Tiger is a clear example of that.

  • justdontgetit

    they are not married, and nor will they ever be. for what? he has the milk, no need for the cow…

  • lulu

    Try telling that to mashonda

  • Sylmarvelous

    She’s stupid!…That’s no a marriage then!

  • Not that Michael

    What’s the point of being in a relationship then? Why not just be single? You can still be partners in raising kids together and not having to be together in a romantic way.

    I wonder who’s pulling more women on the side, Angelina or Brad? My money’s on Angelina.


    Sin is healthy now???????

    • Erin

      Yes,apparently sin is in!!!As my husband once said,”The sins of yesterday,are todays indulgences.”And I could not agree more. It is a sign of the times. These people,as well as others need the Lord Jesus. He is coming soon!!!


    it is unpatriotic for men to be in a monogamous relationship

  • Gmen

    f u c k ugly white ppl

  • Moreaces

    I find this very hard to believe, even if she felt this way, I highly doubt she would say this in a interview

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Angelina Jolie has always been a strange bird. Jennifer Anniston is somewhere hoping that B. Pitt gets his swerve on with the nanny.

  • Moreaces

    Not that Michael
    12/27/09, 13:26:pm

    What’s the point of being in a relationship then? Why not just be single? You can still be partners in raising kids together and not having to be together in a romantic way.

    I wonder who’s pulling more women on the side, Angelina or Brad? My money’s on Angelina.

    I agree 100 percent with with the first part of you post,, but if this story is true, which I doubt, I think Angie would pull more as well,,

  • memchee

    she is so doggone clingy!!!

    where’s her self-worth?

    She is saying & trying to do n.e. thing just to hang on to Brad Pitt. And he looks like he already left her yesterday.

    Dude is good looking, but what kinda man kicks off a scandalous affair to force the end of his marriage and obviously doesn’t possess the backbone to tell his jump-off when to get off!!!

  • shavondenise

    Ummm… she never says that its okay for her to cheat on him and vice versa. I think she means that she doesnt “handcuff or arrest” him. I think she is also saying that she doesnt think cheating should absolutely end the relationship.

  • Mark


    Please look up the difference between “fidelity” and “infidelity.”

  • Steve

    My current and only marry has been on the way to 32 years. Many women asked my wife:
    -Why are you not bored to wear the same shirt every day?
    Please correct me if I once read this statistic wrong. More than 80 percent American married couples get divoced. This make me think in America marry is the begining of the divorce to many people, not all.
    Marry is bonded by hearts,pure love ,not by any forces. I agree with Angelina Jolie. Let marry open, no restiction one another. Show your pouce you are voluntarily willing to fidelity

  • Deirdre B Pride

    @Angie, I kept looking at that with a side eye. Jaime you’re probably right on point with that.

  • Brotherman

    Miss Jolie is talking out of her B.U.T.T!!! This is all designed for the husband to go out and cheat so the wife can get a huge pay day!

  • tras

    she is speaking nothing but the truth, who wants the same p.u.s.s.y or d.i.c.k for the rest of their lives? Even if it’s good, try eating cake all day, every day for the rest of your life. won’t work

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Angie trying to downplay the fact that she’s the ultimate ‘home-wrecker’.

  • nywoman23

    @justdontgetit: having a ring doesnt make a couple married. theyre are more people that didnt have ceremony and a ring that are married than the ones that dont. perfect ex: goldie hawn and kurt russell. so take that take that take that

  • nywoman23

    typo *there are*

  • angieheiressbabie

    sounds like she’s trying to make an excuse,yet again! for the fact that she got with Brad while he was still married to…even though fidelity is very possible whenever 2 ppl are truly in-love however humans are sexual beings by nature,period! Men/women doesn’t matter…just because two ppl are married,doesn’t mean they won’t fantasize nor be sexually attracted to others..hey,just being realistic..Not that I condone cheating neither but hey,it’s something that’s been happening since the beginning of time & won’t stop anytime soon..As far as engaging/agreeing to open-relationships/marriages? someone is always bound to end up hurt.

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