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We threw up in our mouth a little typing this headline thinking about Donald Trump’s mouth being anywhere near us much less on our faces. Eghck.

President Trump rally Sanford, Oct. 12

Source: Orlando Sentinel / Getty

The COVID-19-infected 53% of white women’s president held a campaign rally last night in Sanford, Florida where thousands of his dedicated bootlickers and a$$-kissers showed up to kiss his ring and their beloved leader was ready to kiss them back.

During his…speech Trump predictably went on about how he was big and strong after “defeating” the novel coronavirus after like 72 hours. He also made the suspect claim that he’s now “immune” to COVID-19. He’s so “immune” that he offered to walk out into the teeming masses and give everyone, man and woman, “a big fat kiss”.


Outside of the fact that the White House refuses to say when 45 last received negative test results, the offer to walk among people because he’s “immune” is so on-brand for a brainless and selfish man like Donald Trump. Even if he is “immune” that immunity says NOTHING of his ability to still be contagious and spread the potentially deadly disease to others. But that’s not his concern. He just wants to get his narcissistic batteries recharged by sycophants.

Trump’s claims of immunity from COVID come with great concern, especially from the CDC who warn that there is still not enough evidence to suggest that people can become immune to the virus if infected once. Twitter even sent out a warning label following Trump’s outrageously stupid Tweet on Sunday where he boasted his alleged immunity to the virus after White House physicians cleared him to resume work back in the oval office:

“A total and complete sign off from White House Doctors yesterday. That means I can’t get it (immune), and can’t give it. Very nice to know!!!,” Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday. (Oct.11)

Twitter issued a statement regarding the move:

“We placed a public interest notice on [President Trump’s] Tweet for violating our Covid-19 Misleading Information Policy by making misleading health claims about Covid-19,” a spokesperson from the platform said. “As is standard with this public interest notice, engagements with the Tweet will be significantly limited.”


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