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Janet Jackson and mini-boo Jermaine Dupri have gone public with their intention to start a family together. JD was spotted at a dinner party in West Hollywood over the weekend. When asked about he and Janet’s baby plans, he said:

“‘Yeah, soon. Right after the tour.’ Jackson recently announced she’ll be on the road this fall. The 42-year-old pop icon, who has been married and divorced twice, once quipped that she was ‘allergic to marriage.’ Dupri is reportedly so excited to procreate with Jackson, he doesn’t care if it’s a boy or a girl. ‘It really doesn’t matter, Janet would be a great mom. She was around so many brothers and sisters all her life, so she’s got to know what that is [like]. And her mom is a great mother.'”

Awww. How sweet. Pretty soon we can expect the pitter patter of pint-sized musical geniuses running amok. And speaking of happy couples. Timbaland and Monique Idlett tied the knot this weekend in a event of formal proportions. Click HERE to get the full scoop.


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  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Left hand'll lean 'em like a little past six)

    Dude where is the rest of your head? Its so small…

  • ThatGirlLinda

    Go ahead and get it girl

  • Diamond

    Lol is it just me or does this pic look like Jermaine look like her son? ha ha…but ay i wish em good luck doe !!

  • Bird

    Damn, it’s a shame when starting a family still takes a back seat to your career at 42. I guess they plan to adopt.

  • De

    I hope they get married before they decide to procreate.

    Advice to Bird above- as long as you have a period, you are capable of having a baby.

  • Lauren Works

    Yea so if she is 43 when she has a kid, then she’ll be 53 when the kid is 10…and 56 when the kid is 16…I wouldn’t want to be dealing with no 16 year old at 56….but I guess everything is different for the rich and famous…………

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    They might as well start a family…Janet’s career is a wrap.

  • De

    Addendum – JD is fugly as heck.

  • Cage

    I hope they DO adopt… Cause that baby might like semi-alien with the way JD head is lookin…

  • Cage


  • pm

    black love is on the rise.. lets all thank the Obamas for this. lol

  • Pretty N' Yellow

    They’ve been sayin’ that….I don’t believe them though……

  • Afiya

    Janet and Stewie want to procreate…WOW!

  • Sharie

    Good for them if its true!! Janet better hurry up before those ovaries dry up…. She doesn’t have 4eva…

  • Almighty Mouth

    I’m not hatin’, but I hope the baby looks like Janet… cause little dude looks like the spawn of Berry Gordy and one of those little people from the “Wizard of Oz!”

  • Aunt Viv

    Wow, y’all couldn’t Photoshop JD’s head to make it proportionate to the rest of his body?!?!

    Good for them though.

  • Re (David Hasselhoff Makes the Best Music Video's)

    Wow, is that a munchkin? “We represent the Lolii-pop-kids, the lolli-pop-kids….”

  • glok9n


  • GorrillaMack

    Damn! Dude head and face look funny as a mutha in that pic! Haaaaaa

  • Change is on the Way! YES WE CAN!!!

    um…..I am trying to figure out what JD looks like….

  • Bird

    De(Check me out!)

    Advice to Bird above- as long as you have a period, you are capable of having a baby.


    Of course I know that, but I aslo know that the older you get the harder it gets to conceive. The eggs are not as viable as they are when you are younger. Not only that, but if you do take the pregnancy to term there is the much increased risk of delivering a child with birth defects. And then there is the thing about have a teenager in your house when you are 60.

  • Mace

    NOOOOO! Janet you are going to regret having kids with that ugly, little gargoyle. You can do much better than that. Dupri only wants to have kids with you becuz of who you are. What if you have a daughter that looks just like him and never growns beyond three feet! Janet don’t marry this troll doll you will regret it. Your career is basically over anyway so just go on and do something else with all that money.

  • I'm Just Me

    Go Timbaland!! Holla! Luv ya dude!

    As for Jermaine and Janet….does Janet take care of her child with Debarge?

    Well regardless congratulations to them.

  • Blacksmith

    @ Re…’the lollipop kids’…LMBAO!!!!

    They do realize that their kids won’t grow over 5 feet? Anyway, I wish them the best.

  • Willis

    Jermaine is just straight up ugly I feel sorry for her kiddies.

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