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For those of you keeping up with the endless Bugs Monkey foolishness, here’s an update for your Monday morning fix:

In the video featured on his official website this weekend, the G-Unit founder reveals that he was actually hurt when he found out Buck was saying “F*** G-Unit” at his shows.

‘I didn’t know how to respond to Young Buck when he was saying ‘F*** G-Unit” or f*** me personally because I’ve done so much for him,” I didn’t really know what to say. I was angry, but it hurt me. That’s where [the anger] came from. I can’t believe it.”

Bugsy caught feelings. How sentimental. Peep what he had to say about ex Shaniqua and her restraining order against him:

“It’s hard when it gets to the point where I woman’s trying to keep your son away from you. She’ll say in public that I don’t reach out and I ain’t trying to find him … that’s the only thing she’s got left is him. She’s trying to use him to hurt me the best way she can.”

No Cents also “laughed off” the restraining order saying: ‘he hasn’t seen her outside of a courtroom in more than a year.'”

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  • Re (David Hasselhoff Makes the Best Music Video's)

    I would like to say I hate those fingers.

  • Hannibal


  • Change is on the Way! YES WE CAN!!!

    @ Re

    I would like to say I hate those fingers.


    OMG …that was my first thought


    TOP 5

  • Change is on the Way! YES WE CAN!!!

    and what is up with my gravatar not showing?

  • Bird

    He was hurt? Negro please. He’s the one that cut Bucks money off. What did he expect the man to do, be loyal to him while he was messing up his cash flow?

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    eewww i bet his fingers just came out his ass.. 😦


    this nucca is the poster boy for safe sex and abortion rights..

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    I’m tired of him already…Next!

  • Re (David Hasselhoff Makes the Best Music Video's)

    @Change is on the Way! YES WE CAN!!!

    LOL, for whatever reason it’s aggravating.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    This is one ugly mofo!!

  • I'm Just Me

    For some reason I don’t like him acting like he doesn’t know why people hate him.

  • WordzOfaProphet

    these dudes make the snuggle bear on fabric softner look hard

  • vonnieluv

    I can say that I believe him, he try to do what’s right for his peeps and then it back fires I know that have to hurt coming from one of ur boys that u helped out and the baby momma drama u just have some females out here that is sour and will do anything they can to try and hurt the father even trying to keep the child away and it’s sad it really is.

  • anonymous

    Poor 50; its really sad how his ex has to use their son as a pawn like a spoiled child just because she can’t get her way, without any regard as to how its affecting their son; no doubt that she is trying to fill that baby’s head with utter ISH about his father but she will get hers in the end because everything points to her being the vindictive bat that she is; just goes to show that you can’t turn a HOOD RAT into a house wife…

  • Aunt Viv

    Reading about this ish just made me nod off-not a good look on a Monday where I’d rather be home anyway…NEXT!

  • Sharie

    So sick of him….

  • ~Godiva Luv~

    50 needs to quit blaming everyone else for his predicament. He is just as much to blame as Buck and Shaniqua if not more. 50 lost Buck and Shaniqua when they decided to stop allowing him to treat them like dirt just because he gave them money.

    It’s ironic that 50 is accusing Buck of being ungrateful after every thing he did for him the same way Shaniqua is accusing 50 of being ungrateful after helping him when he had nothing.

    Karma is a motha.

  • AnythingBlack

    50 just be wilding….he gon be hated rather than respected

  • ~Godiva Luv~

    How is the mother trying to keep his son away from him when he goes 3 months without calling his son even though his son had his own cell phone?

    He did not know what size shoe his son wore.

    50 is not the victim at least not Shaniqua’s victim. He is worried he is about to be exposed.

  • pope

    I honestly think 50 cent care about what people think about him. When something bad comes out about him, he always attempt to spin it around to make himself look like the good guy. The thing is the majority of the public hates him so no matter how right he might appear, he will always come off as wrong because of people dislike for him.

  • Jahpson


  • It isn't entertaining

    People have a lot to say about people they don’t know. I’ve seen first hand a woman do any and everything to keep a father away from their child. But not only attempt to keep the child away from the father, but also make claims that they aren’t attempting to do anything. It is an awful thing, What makes it even worse is that the courts don’t help the way they should

  • Cher

    I’m Just Me(Check me out!)

    For some reason I don’t like him acting like he doesn’t know why people hate him.


    Please explain because I may be lost like him. Why is it that people don’t like him? He knows how to market a product without a MARKETING DEGREE? He understands how to stay relevant? He has assets? He refuses to take care of people that don’t want to do any better for themselves? I’m not a rap fan so maybe that’s it. But why is it that people hate him?

  • SimplicityNYC

    @ Cher

    Im with you, I don’t understand it either, You think these people know him personally…..That’s when you have to use the word jealousy……I think the man is very smart………

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