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It’s an evil world we live in” is not just a cute internet GIF, it’s the cotdamn truth!

Woman Holding Blood Stain Knife

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According to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a 17-year-old girl named Caitlyn Pye has pleaded guilty to plotting to murder multiple members of a predominantly Black church in Gainesville, Georgia called Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Caitlyn was arrested around this time last year thanks to some vigilant classmates who dropped a dime on her to the authorities after they uncovered a notebook contained “detailed plans” to attack this Black place of worship. This lil’ heffa had intricate drawings and other information inside this notebook about how she would carry out her bloody hate crime.

“Our investigation indicated the church was targeted by the juvenile based on the racial demographic of the church members,” Gainesville police Chief Jay Parrish said at the time.

Caitlyn is said to be a knife collector who visited the church twice last fall. At this point, we can’t help but think of Dylann Roof who also attended Mother Emanuel in Charleston, South Carolina before killing the nine Black men and women who he was praying with a bible study. Prosecutors say Caitlyn was found to be a “follower” of Roof’s.

Now, if Dylann Roof, a nobody, loser, murderer can have “followers” who want to commit violent acts, how many “followers” of Donald Trump’s do you think could be influenced to commit similar acts against Black folks?

Put this bih in the electric chair just off general principal. She’s absolutely worthless to society-at-large.

During her sentence hearing, Pye had the nerve to fix her chapped lips to apologize for her crazy actions:

“I am very sorry,” she said. “I want to let you know it was a mistake.”

Pye is prohibited from going near any AME churches in Georgia or any of the church’s members.

Bethel AME has taken precaution and “beefed up” security following Pye’s arrest. A pastor from the church said that its members are still shaken up from the incident and they’ve had a hard time attracting new congregants because of this mess.



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