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  • MzTrina95fo

    Wow these pictures say alot about how magazines re-touch and photoshop there images like CRAZY! she looks like an average white woman with implants and cellulite to me.

  • noelle

    That doesn’t even look like her, I cannot even see those blue eyes..

  • smiley

    wow…photoshop do be doing justice 4 folks…lol

  • meee


  • Bholyway

    I just left the gym. No comment!
    By the way I’m a ten. LOL

  • thatbrutha

    Come on people most of you are too young to remember the term AIR BRUSHING but every picture is PHOTO SHOPPED!
    Also she has little make up on.

  • thatbrutha

    I’d still hit those big backs.

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