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This is why many Americans tend to believe we need more gun control laws.

Hand of a man that appears with the finger in the form of a gun shooting on a black background.

Source: Jose A. Bernat Bacete / Getty

Gun ownership is a hotly contested topic in the United States these days and although owning a gun is baked into the fabric of this country via the constitution, d!ckhe@ds like this guy make second amendment advocates look crazy for arguing that everyone should have a weapon at their disposal.

According to a TMZ report, three men were seen on cell phone footage fighting in a Bonney Lake, Washington Walmart parking lot. Two of them can be seen mid-fight whoopin’ the third man’s a$$ pretty good. The third man is clearly bleeding from the face with stains all over his shirt. The two attackers get into their car and pull off but then inexplicably come back to open up another can on their bleeding victim after he threw something at their car. This is exactly what the third man wanted because he bee-lined right to his truck and pulled the blicky.

As the two attackers attempt to peel off for a second time, the bleeding man wantonly fires multiple shots at their SUV. It’s craziness. Press play on the footage below to peep.

Cops were able to locate all parties involved and make arrests after taking the bleeding party to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.




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