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A DJ formerly featured on a daytime talk show recently weighed in on rumors about his ex-boss.

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DJ Boof, who was part of the Wendy Williams show before being replaced by DJ Suss One on season 12, is seemingly hinting that something’s amiss with the talk show host.
His comments come after fans noted that Wendy appearing to struggle to make it through her talk show Friday. Fans noted that Wendy was speaking slowly and at times appeared to lose her train of thought while going through the show’s “hot topics.”

Comments varied from “Wendy needs help” to “cancel her show” so that the host can get treatment.

Amidst some of the fan chatter on Instagram, DJ Boof decided to weigh in and it sounds a lot like he thinks the host is indeed struggling with substance abuse.

When a fan commented; “Wendy you need to stop your show and seriously get help, your camp is just watching you spiral instead of sending help—shame on them”, another added that she “doesn’t listen” and “that’s probably why DJ Bouf [Boof] left.”

Boof then jumped in and confirmed the fan’s suspicions.

“Yup exactly and it will all come out,” said Boof. “Y’all have no idea what’s really going on and everyone there is afraid to speak up because they don’t wanna lose their jobs. This is going to play out bad.”


Well damn!

"Black & Blue" New York Screening

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty


Wendy has previously addressed concerns that she’s used drugs before her show tapings. Back in 2018 Wendy, who previously admitted to cocaine and alcohol addiction, apologized to fans for slurring her speech during an episode but assured fans that it was not because of hard drugs.

“I sincerely apologize if you feel that today’s show was less than stellar,” she said in an Instagram post. “I’m on your TV screens every day wanting to spread laughter, entertainment and cheer. As I reported earlier in the week, I have a hairline fracture on my upper arm, which hurts like hell. I’ve never broken a bone or experienced a fracture in my life. In the key place where the fracture is, and trying to scurry around and do too much, I am now paying the price. I’ve never taken a pain medication in my life (except when I got snatched over 20 years ago) until this week. I did that to power through and try to deliver a great show for you, against the better judgement of the many people around me who genuinely care for my well-being.”

In 2019 she also famously revealed that she was in a sober house for unidentified addiction issues. She also once again candidly spoke on her previous cocaine addiction.

“I have been living in a sober house,” said Wendy. “When you see me come to work, glammed up, right after the show I go across the street to my Pilates, two hours a day, you know I like to take care of my body. And you know I’ve had a struggle with cocaine in my past. I never went to a place to get the treatment, I don’t know how, except God was sitting on my shoulder and it just stopped. But there are people in your family, it might be you, who are struggling, and I want you to know more of the story. So this is my autobiographical story, and I’m living it, and I’m telling you this.”

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