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One week until election day and there is injustice and chaos in the American streets…

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Yesterday, the Philadelphia police shot and killed 27-year-old Walter Wallace in front of his pleading mother after being told to put down a knife he was carrying. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, officers responded to a call about a man with a weapon at Locust and South 61st street. Upon arrival on the scene, Wallace walked toward the armed officers as his mother did her best to restrain him. After several commands to drop the weapon, officers fired numerous shots that seemingly killed Wallace instantly. The majority of the confrontation was captured on cell phone video camera and the clip immediately began circulation on the internet.

Below is a clip of the standoff. We strongly urge you not to watch the clip if you feel it will be triggering or detrimental to your mental health. We post it only for context and posterity. Again, this video is graphic and disturbing.

Following this incident, protests began, and shortly after, looting and violence erupted as a frustrated community reached their boiling point. According to NBC Philadelphia, numerous businesses in West Philly were pillaged and vandalized, beauty supply stores, restaurants, and check cashing places among them. Dozens of officers were deployed in an attempt to restore order but per usual, their presence only inflamed an already tense situation.

Several officers were also mowed down by a speeding black truck that careened through a “blue line” of cops who were attempting to block off a West Philly street. That incident was also captured on video.

Please be careful out there, y’all. We are approaching a VERY tense week and people will be volatile as they anticipate the worst.

Rest in peace Walter Wallace. Prayers up for his grieving mother who had to watch her son be gunned down by police.



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