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Sterling K. Brown wants to make sure the millions of people who follow him vote on November 3, and he’s determined to do anything he can to get their attention.

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Earlier this week, the actor called into The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to have a conversation with the host about everything he’s been up to these days. Of course, that includes how he has been occupying his time while being quarantined, which is when he explains that ping-pong is the best quarantine sport ever. Obviously, as November approaches, the conversation also includes his efforts to get all of his fans–and anyone else listening–to vote.

Just this week, Brown teamed up with to create a compelling video urging Black voters to head to the polls.

“To be a black voter who matters, all you have to be is black and vote. Our vote matters,” Sterling says with conviction towards the end of the video. He’s certainly right too.

Black people all across the country are showing up at the polls this year in historic numbers according to  CNN. Their reports noted that “more than 601,000 Black Americans had voted early in Georgia compared with about 286,240 two weeks before the 2016 election. In Maryland, about 192,775 had voted compared with 18,430. And California had over 303,145 — up from more than 106,360 two weeks before the election four years ago.”

Change is coming!

During his interview with Fallon, Sterling said that he’s willing to do almost anything to get more people to vote, which is what causes the actor to talk about using his abs to persuade people to exercise their civic duty. Plus, luckily for die-hard fans of the series, Brown goes on to talk about how This Is Us shines a light on the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement in the upcoming season.

Check out Sterling K. Brown’s interview on The Tonight Show down below to hear everything the star has to say.




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