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As we await the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, a Detroit Pastor’s wise words are picking up steam on social media. 

Rev. Dr. Steve Bland Jr., the senior pastor of Detroit’s Liberty Baptist Church, was spotted outside of the Detroit Convention Center where chaos was ensuing as a group of pro-Trump protesters aggressively demanded that poll workers stop counting absentee ballots.

As pointed out by NewsOne, the Deplorable Devotees were CERTAIN that fraudulent activity is pushing their “President” out of the White House instead of his gross inadequacy as Commander In Chief. With that, the delusional “stop the count” crew engaged in sycophantic behavior on Trump’s behalf and caused vote-counters to scramble to cover glass windows with pizza boxes so they could continue their counting.

Even as the drama ensued inside, MSNBC found a very calm Rev. Dr. Bland who was working as a “poll chaplain” outside of the convention center. After removing his mask so he could share his thoughts, the church leader made things plain.

“We are in the process of getting all the votes counted,” said the Reverend. “The road of victory of any side is going to come through Michigan and through Detroit. And to stop the votes is to stop the very democracy that these persons are running to elect to uphold. So we want every vote to count because our vote is our voice and it will be counted, and the election process will be done.”

He then ended with this bar about the “stop the count” protestors and the black vote in particular.

“These are persons who are passionate and they are consistent. They’ve been saying all along they’re going to suggest that’s its rigged, it’s flawed or fake, they’ve been saying that before now. We just need to be persistent, to make sure our voice gets counted because as goes Detroit, will be done so. And I will say, the Black vote in Detroit is higher than it’s ever been, and we will determine the outcome because we’ve gone from picking cotton to picking presidents.”

A M E N?!

As it turns out, of course, the Good Reverend was right. Michigan went to Biden, marking the third state that Cheeto In Chief carried in 2016 that Biden successfully flipped.


Won’t he do it?!


What do YOU think about the Good Reverend’s “From Picking Cotton to Picking Presidents” speech???


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