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A black designer whose clothing line accentuates copious curves is speaking out.

Brittany DeShields

Source: Brittany DeShields / Designer Brittany DeShields

Brittany DeShields has harnessed her sewing skills, penchant for fashion, and uncontested black girl magic into a successful 6-figure empire. The HBCU grad is setting trends with her Brittany Deshields Brand that’s caught the eye of celebs including Megan Thee Stallion who pours her curves into DeShields’ bangin’ bodysuits and skirts.

This inspiring entrepreneur recently spoke with BOSSIP about her self made designs, her innate skill set, and her celeb clients who can’t get enough of her flirty, feminine pieces.


Brittany DeShields

Source: Brittany DeShields / Designer Brittany DeShields

We see you started sewing at a young age, tell us about your background.

Yes, I picked up sewing at a very young age because I come from a family of sewers and seamstress. I grew up watching my mother and grandmother sew clothes for school and work. Once I learned the basics of sewing, my grandmother brought me my first sewing machine and I haven’t looked back since then. I’ve been sewing since I was about 12 or 13.

When did designing become a true passion for you? What was the first piece you ever created?

Designing became a true passion for me when I was a freshman in college. While I attended Delaware State University and there was a big annual fashion show coming up, and I remembered I was so excited about being a part of it. At first I was just auditioning for a model, but once I saw there was an open slot for designers I jumped at the opportunity! From that fashion show on, I began doing Fashion Shows at different HBCUs.

Who are some of your fellow designer inspirations?

I love the Hanifa Brand. They’re so innovative and fresh with the way they are able to present their pieces. I also like TLZ L’FEMME, the designer is so raw! They keep things creative and unique.

What encompasses a signature Brittany DeShields piece?

 The signature Brittany DeShields piece is feminine, sexy, classy, and body-hugging. I love for women to feel good when they wear my piece. We like to walk the line of edgy, fashion forward, and trend-setting.

We’ve seen Megan Thee Stallion wear your designs, tell us more about the designs she’s worn.

Yes, we love Megan! She’s such an icon. She embodies confidence, and woman power. Everything Megan has worn was custom made for her. Megan fits our brand because she likes color and showing skin…lol and that’s what we are all about! Most of the pieces that we’ve made for Megan were for her shows so we mainly made bodysuits and really poppin ‘pieces for good stage presence.

How does it feel to have your work recognized and worn by celebs?

It feels amazing. It’s such a great feeling when a high profile person is wearing your designs and showing it off for the world to see. I always get excited when celebs wear my pieces, but I am just as excited when my customers are in my pieces as well. With so many options in the Fashion / Retail industry, I am always grateful for girls who purchase, get cute, and send me pics.

Who else do you hope to work with?

I hope to work with all the boss a** women! Beyonce, Nicki, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish. I get a lot of inspiration from music when designing, so most of the women I hope to work with are within the music industry.

What new pieces do you have for fall/winter 2020?

I have a bomb a** holiday collection coming very soon. It’s an extension of my Plush Velvet Collection. I’m super excited about it. It’s going to be sexy, vibrant colors, flowy silhouettes. It’s going to be so good!



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