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Moniece Slaughter is digging deeper regarding rumors she bleached her skin in a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand. The former reality star first refuted claims on Instagram by addressing people who commented on her lighter appearance. Now she’s going more into depth about why the accusations hurt her.

Recently, Moniece shared that she had been figuring out her family history and the former reality TV star said she had hit a few roadblocks. Slaughter revealed that the allegations were especially hurtful because of the timing.

“I’ve been reconnected with my family and you know my biological father’s mother always swept things under the rug. She’s Asian and apparently in Asian culture that’s what they do, they don’t really address things. So I never got a history lesson about who I was or where I came from. I just know that I wasn’t white… I’m okay with the white people as long as I’m on TV acting a fool and making them millions of dollars. To be accused of bleaching my skin, when I’m desperately trying to find out at this phase in my life, who I am. It’s like I’m not really accepted either way.”

While sharing, Moniece recalled being “whitewashed” growing up, not having a realization of this until an incident in high school put things into perspective.

“It wasn’t until I got to high school that one of my friends from first grade, her name is Aaron Levy. This girl named Janisha Green, she would wear the sock bun and the airbrushed shirts and she had the lollipop in there with the tube socks and she was very animated and boisterous. She came down the hallway one day right before our honors English Composition II class and Aaron looked at me and said ‘I’m so glad you’re not like them’ and that was my first time really stopping and thinking like what does that even mean? You know I’m black…”

Moniece continued:
“I had [all] designer and it was like I was a white-washed black girl.“
Interesting, right? Does this clarify why Moniece was so upset about those bleaching accusations?


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