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“I want a man who wants to come over here and have a good life with me or he can get the f*** on and leave me alone…”

Cashmere Compliments

Source: Teedra Moses / Press Photo

Teedra Moses is blessing people during the pandemic with what they need; feel-good music.

The Grammy-nominated soul songstress has released a new single titled “Cashmere Compliments” that invites listeners into a comfortable listening session where they can take a respite from the pandemic.

Teedra who’s fully on her indie grind told BOSSIP that she had another track in mind before “Cashmere Compliments” was chosen as her single, but ultimately she felt this track’s mood and vibe better aligned with the current climate.

“I was going to go with another song, “Sorry”, before the pandemic started. When all of this started going on; the social climate, the pandemic, and the fear, “Sorry” was a great song but it wasn’t the mood and energy that I wanted to put into the universe at this particular time with what’s going on. I wanted to move away from the frustration, I wanted to move away from the fear, I wanted to vibrate higher,” she added noting that “Sorry” isn’t necessarily vibrating lower, it just presents “different emotions.”

“II wanted to find a song that’s continually meant to lift you up and that’s when I went in and finished “Cashmere Compliments” because it feels good. There’s so much s*** going on that we don’t need nothing else to remind us about s***. My job is to make you feel hopeful, to make you feel good. That was why I chose that song.”

The resplendent R&Baddie/Underground Queen of Soul & B also reiterated to BOSSIP that the song’s subject matter is a true-life testament to her grown womanhood, a womanhood that’s about celebrating self-worth with or without a man by her side.

Teedra emphasized that while it’d be nice to be in a relationship, she won’t settle for something that’s not as soft and comforting as cashmere.

“I’m extremely grown and I’m proud to be grown” said Teedra. “I’m not one of those artists who’s in denial about who I am, I want you to know exactly how old I am and I want you to understand that it took me getting to this age to get to this place. It’s a journey for women, “Cashmere Compliments” is a testament to the good life that God has allowed me to grow in. I don’t need a man and I can say that. I don’t say that as a feminist, I would like one, I want one—but I don’t need it. I created such a good life without a man here in it. I want to be with someone but it’s gotta feel good, baby. It’s already good over here, so you can only come over here with something good, that’s “Cashmere Compliments.” If you’ve ever had cashmere on your skin, your sheets, a blanket, you know that feels really good. That’s what I need from a man, I want a man who wants to come over here and have a good life with me or he can get the f*** on and leave me alone.”

Listen to “Cashmere Compliments” below.



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