DUI Avoided

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As many of you may of suspected, Carmelo took a plea deal and got off easy:

“The Nuggets All-Star was sentenced to probation and community service for a charge of driving while ability-impaired. In exchange, prosecutors are dropping a more serious DUI charge. He was also whistled for failure to stay in a single lane — not the hardwood kind.

He’ll serve one year of probation, do 24 hours of community service, and pay a grand in fines. He was also just suspended two games by the Nuggets.”

Let’s see what this slap on the wrist does for Melo. Our guess is he’ll be back behind the wheel all zooted up by this weekend. The Denver PD will have to do a better job covering his tracks next time. SMH.


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  • Mimi

    1st yayy

  • Mimi

    At last am d 1sty.

  • A. Make it Rayn

    He’s pucnk but he’s cute. Too bad he’s a drunk driver and all.

  • A. Make it Rayn


  • I'm Just Me

    Are we surprised? No we aren’t. Next!!!!

  • new2this

    Must be NICE.. you know if any one of use “regular” folks got busted with a DUI, we would have thousands of dollars of fines, most likely (for those of us in the military) loss your job.. it’s crazy… i need to play the dayum LOTTO…

  • Aunt Viv

    Not surprised at all. His cornrows are tight though

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re (David Hasselhoff Makes the Best Music Video's)

    OF COURSE he avoided it. Now if it were regular people like us here on this thread, we woulda got life.

    Syke nah, but I’m sure we woulda paid a hefty fine and had to take those stupid classes with the 16 year olds trying to get their liscense.

  • guilty pleasure

    Wow~ I thought this was Jaheim at first…..



    I feel you. Let one of US fukk up and we lose a stripe, money, and maybe our career. a Rich and Famous person do it…they get 24 hours community service. the world is fukked up

  • DaQueen1991

    jus anotha celebrity gettin off…cuz of dere money…damn shame

  • statim08

    It’s a mockery.

  • http://en.gravatar.com/avatar/522ae813d0291146b3c70cd56c2834f3?s=80&r=any NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Left hand'll lean 'em like a little past six)


    You KNOW Jaheim is NEVER this clean…..

  • Madame Enigma

    He sure is looking pretty on that pic….

  • A. Make it Rayn

    He does look good, but remember when he punched dude during the game and caught out? Punk fa sho.


    Now all he needs to do is stay off the sauce

  • http://en.gravatar.com/avatar/522ae813d0291146b3c70cd56c2834f3?s=80&r=any NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Left hand'll lean 'em like a little past six)


  • Natasha

    Melo is fine as hell!

  • http://myspace.com/afiya00 Afiya

    Him and Jaheim do favor.

    When is he and Iverson gonna take them cornrows outta their hair…isn’t that like so 90s?

  • http://YAHOO mzprettylady

    Melo looking better than I ever remember in this pix! Damn he looking so good I forgot what the topic was about…lmao

  • J

    I hate his hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mjoylaw

    Damn I see why Lala be puttin up wit his azz, he is FOINE!

  • WordtotheWise

    Melo is fine for sure, however this isn’t my fav pic of him. NEway, back to the topic at hand…I hope he learned his lesson and won’t do anything stupid like this again. Thank God he or anyone else for that matter weren’t killed.


    no comment

  • 2cute4u

    I guess he’s gonna have to get drunk, get in a car, and kill someone b4 anyone takes this issue seriously. So fed up with athletes and celebrities getting a slap on the wrist for doing such ignorant and illegal stuff!

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