Where is Cassie??? Diddy is Rumored to Marry Kim Porter Tonight (New Cassie Track Audio Inside)

- By Bossip Staff

All the celebs are hitting St. Barth’s for the New Year. Diddy and Kim Porter will be there as well, and they are rumored to be getting married tonight at midnight. SMH.

Check the details under the hood.

The wedding is said to take place this evening with close friends and family present.  Unlike previous New Year’s Eves, Diddy is said to be spending this one with family and friends and won’t be throwing any lavish parties.  We previously reported that Diddy popped the question to his “bottom b*tch Kim and kicked young Cassie to the curb. We’ll see how this one pans out…


In the meantime, please listen to the awfulness that is Cassie and her new track “Sky Diver”

Damn, when is this chica gonna learn that her music career has been a wrap for years?!?!? Poor baby.

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  • Nique


  • wifey06

    yeah right


    Won’t change anything. Buttface is still going to be running up in his usual bevy o’ b.i.t.c.h.e.s

  • Nique


  • JK

    She dumb if she marry him. I don’t even see why she is still around, this is one person who truly can not move on from a bad realtionship. But he will be smart if he marries her, cheaper to keep her and plus she will let him sleep with anyone he wants.

  • Nickyy Minaj504

    WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KIM IS A DUMB HOE

  • drenk

    the only marriage he wants to be part of is still illegal because bible thumpers keep voting against


    Kim!!!! Donnnnn’t doooooo iiiiitttt!!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Do it Diddy! Do it do it do it. She is your queen. She has hung in there through all kinds of do do. It’s not just about money with her. DO IT! If that is what she wants from you that is what she should have.

  • pink_child001

    if true I wish them the best.

  • resurrected

    If that is what she wants and what she has been waiting for then let his have it, I mean she has been through so much with this man already and they have like 4 children maybe in Kim mind Diddy is her happiness… Who can defined happiness in someone else mind and eyes?

  • Mrz.Reed

    NOT TRUE…. Dirrty Money is supposed to be at some club tonight in NYC!

    Why would she marry him??

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Wow, i don’t know how she does it, she must have a lot of patience.

  • resurrected

    I see what a lot of poeple’s point he has done her so wrong but life is too short to be wanting the same thing all of your life… She will see and learn the lesson way faster by just going forward because she does seem to want it that badly… If it does not work out this is will be free way earlier than waiting around forever..

  • vanlicker

    cassie has a brain cell of a door knob

    My apologies to all door knobs

  • resurrected

    Patience usually provide the bigger picture that most people are looking for while moving fast with no thought give you your dreams only for a moment… It is really no point if both partners are not ready for the same life style..

  • Kool Breeze

    What ???? diddy finally doing the right thing, well damn its about time, especially after kim has given you all those beautiful kids plus she still looks good after all that chit diddy put her through. If this turns out to be true then Biggups to diddy.

  • Redemption

    No matter how something appears in the eyes of others, every person has to deal with what they feel within.

    Best wishes in 2010 to everybody!

  • Jay the Real One

    Why marry him? She already got his babies and he still going to screw around.

  • PraDaMaMa


  • BapBarbie

    Maybe that’s why it’s snowing!!

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  • learn to love yourself

    Cassie is probably some where plotting on the next hit wonder. She knew that he was cheating on Kim his baby mother with her> What did she expect? Diddy is undercover as well as a hole.. And to Kim yep I would marry him too and do a tiger woods on him Take That Take That!!

  • resurrected


    Well if she already has the babies and the money then if she still wants to stay around then she must really love him or has a hard lesson of payback for him… I also think that she see’s that Cassie is willing to stay on the sideline forever and she is like you are not going to get him either B***h… I hope Diddy really wants her because he seems like a very indecisive man to me..

  • Marquis de Sade

    Twould appear April Fools Day is comin’ early. There’s no way Diddy will marry this used up baby mama – Why?

  • Rihanna's sharp n witchy fingernails took the oath

    money makes people do and act all kinds of grotesque ways… the power money has over human beings is disgusting!

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