Are You Feeling This Get Up???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

As the stars make their entrance onto the Red Carpet of the BET Awards, one cannot help but notice Lil Mama sportin this Strawberry Shortcake swag. This chick is a fashion casualty to the bone. Peep more pics of the BET Awards arrivals just below.

Mucho mas just under the hood.

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  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl

    1st Woo Hoo

  • mimi

    blah blah blah

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl

    Leave lil mama alone. She has her own unique style that seperates her from all the hoochies out there. Gabby, Jordan and Jen looks great. Damn Tocorra, I guess you got tired of them curves gyrl, too bad cuz I am loving mines.

  • Lush_Us Lipps

    NOT feeling Lil Mama’s get up! But at least she looks like a girl now….. hmmm kinda :$

  • candyice83

    Hell no…I’m watching the Awards as we speak….uuuggghhh Lil Mama gets on my last nerve….who died and made her Queen of Hip Hop and Fashion…Do ya’ll be seeing her on America’s Best Dance Crew??? Shut up and SIT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl

    I’m watching the awards show now too. Was it me or was Usher’s performance over rated and underperformed. Was it me or was no one but me laughing at D. L Hugley and his R. Kelly jokes.. hahahahaha

  • candyice83

    Jennifer Hudson looks great…so does Gabby…Toccara..girl we ALL loved you better when you had curves!! You still cute though…just eat some chocolate cake or somethan…lol…Jordon…too cute…Omorosa..or whatever her name is…HOTT DAMN MESS!

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl

    Bobby V look like a grown 4 yr old. His face looks so immature lol

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl

    Why oh why God is Keyshia Cole mom so goddam ghetto. dropping it like its hot in a gown. I guess you can take some folk out the ghetto but can’t take the ghetto out some folks.

  • CuteBajanGal

    i was told when u have nothing better to say keep ur mouth shut, but i have one itty bitty question….when is it some heffers have so much money that they can afford to buy a nice DECENT outfit to wear but they decide to throw they surgically deformed butts in some stupid ignorant looking outfit and call it fashion??

  • lolo127


  • Bird

    I came over here specifically to see if you were clowning Neffie. Did ole girl not even try on her dress? I don’t give a damn if she had to wear something old from her closet, once she realized her dress couldn’t handle her boobage she should have taken it off.

  • candyice83

    @ Brooklyn Chocolate…

    girl….I was wondering the same thing!!! I’m an huge USHER fan and his performance was horrible…I was deeply disappointed…and the lip singing could’a been a lil better at least.

  • Bird

    Oh, this is about Lil Mama. She looks like her. I’m used to it.

  • candyice83

    keisha just came on…her makeup and outfit is actually cute…vocals are kinda shaky tho…pull it together keisha…you my girl…but your voice is very shaky…it aint nerves cause you was here last year wit p diddy and lil kim….

  • K-mia

    lil mama actually doesnt look half as bad as she usually does…

  • Dionna

    Keyshia made up for her sad family with the hottest costume change. That white is hella hot!

  • Chaka

    Lil Mama and Lil Kim have lost their lil minds. Terrible..awful…just awful…

    Tocarra and Jennifer look great. They just need to adjust their dresses to smooth out the wrinkles.

    Gabby is so fabby! Luv her.

    Why is Omarocha on my screen? *delete*

  • candyice83

    keisha c’mon girl…..she loosing her breath and everything…well at least she sang live unlike USHER

  • Bird

    Keyshia CANNOT sing. I need people to stop comparing her to Mary J. right now.

  • Dionna

    Lil’ Kim’s new body is a 10 but her new face is a 4.6.

  • candyice83

    @ Chaka….

    Keisha vocals are horrible…but you dont think she looks cute at least??

    I thought Lil Kim was doing her thang….

  • Dionna

    Why was Cuba acting sooooo lame? lmao

  • Til You Do Right By Me...

    Okay, can someone please teach Toccara and Jordin how to stand!

  • candyice83

    Ummm Cuba made an ass of hiself just now…that’s why alot of black people don’t care for him…Morris Chestnut is hella fine…I remember when he came to my high school for career day…ain’t changed one bit…hmmm!!! lol

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