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The internet is a scary place.

Hacker attacking internet

Source: Witthaya Prasongsin / Getty

Some British weirdo was playing a sick game online where he pretended to be a teenaged girl so that he could target over 5,000 children for sex. 36-year-old David Wilson pleaded guilty on Monday to NINETY-SIX counts of child sexual abuse on 51 Victims. The ages of the children…stop…take a deep breath…FOUR to FOURTEEN. FOUR! THIS MAN WAS ABUSING 4-YEAR-OLD KIDS. According to NYPost, it took half and hour to read the entire list to him.

Wilson was using Facebook specifically to target the children who were not only in the UK but also here in the states and in Australia. Wilson would lure them in and blackmail them to send more photos and videos of themselves abusing relatives and other kids.

Not sure why there is a trail for this guy, just lock him in an iron-clad box and drop it in the ocean.

The National Crime Agency says the ability to pull info from Facebook messenger was essential in authority’s ability to track this kind of criminals. Unrelated to this particular incident, Facebook has been planning to implement encryption into the messenger to provide a level of safety for the users. However, there are two sides to that coin.

“Content obtained from Facebook Messenger conversations was … crucial throughout the operation,” said Rob Jones of the law enforcement agency.

“Had that content been end-to-end encrypted, there is a real risk that justice would not have been served and Wilson would still be abusing victims today,” he said, calling it a “chilling” thought.

What a f**ked up predicament. Protect innocent users or provide cover for pedophiles online. Gross.


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