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Sometimes you just gotta tell a muthaf***a, “no”.

Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks

Source: Bettmann / Getty

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks’ simple and non-violent act of defiance created a ripple effect that she couldn’t even see coming. Today, December 1, 2020 marks 65 years to the day that continues to serve as inspiration for an array of marginalized people who are fighting for justice and equality.

ABC News posted a video of an interview that Ms. Parks gave to journalist Deborah Roberts in 1995 and we thought it more than appropriate to share with you now as her words ring as true then as they do now.

God bless this woman. Her bravery and steely resolve are the stuff that we see in a great many of the young people who take to the streets to say “no” every time our community endures another tragedy or injustice. We can never say enough “thank yous” but we should all be endlessly grateful to the thousands if not millions of women who have stood tall and said “no” to any person or entity attempting to make them small.



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