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We’ve got a spicy new film trailer for your viewing pleasure, one that begs the question; do we really know our own capacity for evil, for jealousy, or for murder?

Anonymous Killers

Source: Anonymous Killers / Enchanted PR


Film director A.R. Hilton’s presenting psycho-thriller “Anonymous Killers.” The film tells the story of four seasoned killers and one hapless professor who somehow let their guards down and get rounded up in one violent swoop. They then find themselves in purgatory; chained and forced to take part in a demented experiment by a maniacal, mysterious captor.

Their captor makes them share the motives behind their crimes and their peers judge their fate. Ultimately they either live or die via consensus and Every. Vote. Counts. No exceptions.



In addition to being a film director, “Anonymous Killers” creator A.R. Hilton is an author and screenplay writer who debuted his novel THAT LIFE (Prophecy of a Hustler) in 2008. The astute author parallels his own 18 years of incarceration in his work and the expressionist followed up his first release with his second novel “Prophecy Of A Hustler II (A War Of Souls).

In 2012 Hilton returned to film production with Amirah Films a company founded by himself and long-time friend Nicholas Cavalluzzi. Together the duo released their first project, “The Death Of A Prince” a short film dedicated to the memory of Hilton’s younger brother who was murdered at 18.



 “Anonymous Killers” is streaming now on iTunes/ Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and more. Will you be watching? Tell us down below!




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