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Brittni Mealy is doing her own rumor control.

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The mother of Future’s son and his ex-girlfriend is backtracking after he allegedly threatened her over the weekend. Brittni Mealy live recorded herself accusing Future of saying he would “shoot” her and cursing at their 8-year-old son on his birthday.

After Brittni broadcasted the video, making headlines for the allegations against the rapper, she’s now clarifying that she didn’t feel threatened by the rapper at all in a statement.

“When people are in a heated situation things can escalate quickly and we are human we say things we don’t mean. I’m human and I get mad like everyone else so does he! I’m not making no excuses or justifying no one’s behavior even my own. But I can say in eleven years I knew my son’s dad I haven’t felt threatened by him nor has my son the other night was an isolated situation.”

Brittni continued, adding that she doesn’t agree with Future’s “choices” but doesn’t think he’s a bad dad. She clarifies that she wasn’t apologizing, just explaining the situation. You can swipe to read Brittni’s full statement below.


Prior to the incident, things seemed to be quite cordial. Brittni put on an extravagant event for her and Future’s son, Prince Willburn too. The happy kid celebrated his 8th birthday with a superhero-themed party.

Mealy posted a re-cap video from Prince’s big day on Instagram and looks like he had a lot of fun. In the video, you can see him dancing and smiling alongside Iron man. He even had a few friends in attendance to celebrate.

Hopefully, their rift didn’t ruin all the fun.

So far, Future has not said a word about the “isolated” incident. Are you surprised Brittni is backtracking like this?



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