Who Looked More Bangin??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Nia Long and Lauren London were spotted at the 2008 BET Awards Press Room last night looking rather lovely, if we may add. So therefore, we must ask: Who Looked More Bangin??

More BET Press Pics for your viewing pleasure.

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  • ashes

    OMDZ Lauren is BANGING!!!

    thay both look edible but Lauren wins it for me (only just though, Nia looks amazing!!!)

  • sickofitt

    Nia is killing it. Give it up for her she is almost 40 and still looks fab.

  • http://www.gettogetha.com/blog/ Buzz Session

    Imma have to go with Nia as well. But LL is such a cutie pie!

  • Shootingstar

    It’s a tie!

    Normally Nia is killing em, but love Lauren’s dress and those shoes.

  • Phenomenal Me... Ms. Dee

    Nia wins… shoes look far more appropriate w/the dress. Alicia looks spectacular as usual, but what in the world is up w/Ashanti??? She looks like a confused actress from the roaring 20s. Couldn’t walk in the shoes, and the hair, makeup, and dress were far too over bearing. UGH!! Beautiful girl, but that look was horrid!!! 2 thumbs down…

  • Vinandi

    NIA no doubt!!! she wins an Oscar !!!

  • LdyK

    Loving Nia’s dress…what’s with all the bright yellows that are UNFLATTERING!

  • Vinandi

    I love the maroon colour and style of her dress, and her hair looks great!

    I love the colour of LL dress as well- style not too much!! However I think the weave is over board!!!

  • justme

    Nia looks gorgeous!!! I like LL 2!!! but i dont know LL wuz tuugin on that dress all night like she knew she didnt have the breasts for it! but they both look fab

  • Vinandi

    Alicia the homewrecker looks ok! but she just never looks confomrtable dressed up to me!!!

    Does Ashanti share the same stylist/hairdresser/makeup artist as Beyonce???

  • RAF

    Nia by a landslide!!

  • Just for fun

    Nia never fails. Beautiful woman

  • Why?

    Nia all the way.

    Beyonce is not interesting to look at, wonder about or hear from.

  • tk

    nia’s a bad woman!!! i hope i look that good in a few years.

  • swoosh


  • Kompton's Kutie

    They both looked great yesterday!

    But, I go with Nia all day.

  • Shavon Denise

    Usher’s opening was wack!! Didnt like it. Keshia Cole seemed like her and Lil Kim didnt rehearse and she forgot to sang half of the first verse. So two performances in Im like man! It has finally happening..the BET Awards are about to start getting wack like the Soul Train Awards did.. But Neo started the upswing, and then T-Pain saved the show.. then all the performances after than were classics. Alicia had the best performance next to Al Green!! Than Chris did his thing, out did Usher, and Rih Rih the check yall love to hate had a mellow GREAT performance. Oh yeah Nelly, dont know why he even performed. It seems like BET always feel like they have to give Nelly props, guess its that Bob Johnson connection. Wayne ended the show great. DL was great. First two performance almost killed the awards.

  • jessica

    she looks amazing!! love the outfit 🙂 she still plays on free interracial dating site B L A C K C E N T U R Y. C o m ? I heard this many times from my friends playing on that site.

  • Shavon Denise

    Oh yeah to answer the question… Both but I would pick Nia all day cuz she an ole G

  • Apple Dapple

    Is that even a fair comparison? Nia is knocking on over 40 something and Lauren is like 10….

    Either way, big ups to the old cougar Nia Long.. she’s killing it.. even when compared to a girl 1/2 her age…

  • Just Sayin

    Nia for FIRST LADY, Beyonce we need you to do something different not sure what but something. Rihanna is truly on your heels if not running you over as the “it Chick” in a matter of months she did something with that big forehead and came into her own and she is way more interesting to see as a person. Should you get a new short interesting wig? Something….

  • http://www.myspace.com/feminynfire Insatiable_qt

    Both look great..but I LOVE me some Nia Long…so Nia gets my Vote.

  • Just Sayin

    Oh, Oh that’s not Beyonce even worse she so boring starting to get her confused with other people. Nia is the hottest

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