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Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr are apparently no longer engaged and now Lamar is accusing the woman he was once heading down the aisle with of hijacking his social media accounts. In a video posted to Instagram earlier today, Lamar asked his followers to follow him on several social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitch on camera. In the caption of the video us where the ex-NBA player makes the accusation that Sabrina has violated his privacy by taking over his accounts.

Specifically, Lamar says Parr is holding his accounts “hostage.”

Unfortunately my social media platforms are being held hostage by my ex and we are working hard to recover my passwords for IG and Twitter~ if any of y’all know someone who can get it reset for me hit my brand managers.


This accusation from Lamar come weeks after Sabrina announced they had broken up and then backpedaled, acting as if they were still getting married. So far, Sabrina has not officially responded to Lamar’s allegations, but she did have this to say in the comment section of her own post, before turning the comments off:

Y’all not even thinking straight. How do I have someone’s account who is currently on their account posting from it???? Please don’t believe silly lies. I haven’t said anything and I don’t have anything to say!”

Silly lies? What do you think is happening here between Lamar and his apparent “ex”?


In a formal message posted to her IG stories, Sabrina Parr has denied Lamar’s Odom’s claim she held his social media accounts hostage.

I find these accusations from Lamar & whoever he’s working with extremely disappointing. We are no longer together and haven’t been for a while. I’ve chose to move in silence about the situation and suggest you do the same. We both know the truth and I can assure you no truth is being told on their end. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to continue moving on in peace and silence.



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