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What year this was…


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Politics was particularly petty this year and even though it was painful to watch at times, we just couldn’t take our eyes off the dumpster fire. It seemed like every day there was new f***ery afoot and it was either infuriating, funny, or both.

In light of everything that transpired in 2020 on the political forefront, we took it upon ourselves to list a few of our favorite petty moments in politics starting with this one:

Kamala Harris challenges Joe Biden on busing record during Presidential debate

This moment would become one of the most pivotal of the 2020 election season as Kamala Harris went on the attack against the man who would ultimately choose her as his Vice-Presidential running mate and eventually, the first Black, Asian, HBCU graduate, and woman to hold the second-highest office in the land. She was playing nary a game with Joseph Robinette and the petty was finger-lickin’ good.

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Donald Trump and Melania catch the ‘rona.

55% of white women’s president (update from 53% in the 2016 election) will forever be known as the President who completely botched the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time of this writing, almost 340,000 Americans have died as a result of the coronavirus and their blood is on Trumps teeny-tiny little hands. He called it a hoax, then said it would magically go away, then suggested that we inject bleach into our lungs to battle it. Is it “Oochie Wally” or “One Mic”, sir?

Anyway, when word came down that he and his wife had tested positive for the potentially deadly disease there was little sympathy to be found and people were REAL petty. It’s us. We are people.


Chris Cuomo calls Donald Trump’s behavior toward coronavirus “bulls#!t” on live TV

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was literally sick and tired of Trump’s behavior following the aforementioned positive COVID-19 test results that he and First Lady Melania received. As Donald returned from the hospital, he stood in front of the White House to stage a corny-ass propaganda photo shoot that was intended to show that he was strong and verile after contracting the disease that has killed hundreds of thousands. That night, when Cuomo took to the air, he pulled no punches.


L.A. residents go IN on Police Chief Michael Moore following his comments on George Floyd

Due to COVID-19, the Los Angeles City Council chose to hold public Zoom calls to allow the citizens to speak truth to power over the internet. While we are positive that these angry Los Angelenos would have said all of this to the city council’s face, it came off even more blistering on Zoom. The stupid looks on the police commission’s face while citizen after citizen after citizen read them the riot act was both appalling and entertaining.


Don Lemon asks rhetorically why Trump doesn’t like Obama

Don Lemon has shown himself exhausted with Donald Trump and his obsession with bashing President Obama. At one point back in May, 45 retweeted a lie of a tweet claiming that 44 was responsible for “the Russia hoax”. Don had had enough and lit into the orange fuhrer asking a bevy of rhetorical questions as to why Obama was always on his mind. The last 45 seconds of the video below is all you need to get your petty fix.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez publicly responds to Rep. Ted Yoho comments about her

AOC doesn’t play. She especially doesn’t play when grown men, Congressmen no less, are recorded on camera calling her a “f***ing b!tc#”. Rep. Ted Yoho brazenly talked about the gentlelady from New York like she was trash on the street and AOC was NOT here for it. She subsequently undressed Yoho on the floor of the house for all to see. It was glorious.


 SNL Mocks the insanity of the first Trump-Biden debate

Need we say more? Press play and laugh.

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“Beijing Barry”

We said it at the time, but it bears repeating, President Obama was having WAY too much fun picking apart all of his successors lies, inconsistencies, and foolishness during a Joe Biden stump speech in Philadelphia. He got so deep in his bag that he even created a new nickname for himself as an example of how disparate the treatment is that he would have received if he had pulled even a fraction of the stuff #45 has during his time in office.


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