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55% of white women’s president, Donald J. Trump, should have LONG been removed from office for a myriad of shady shenanigans and potential crimes that he has committed over the past four years. That said, the seditious riot that he orchestrated yesterday at the United States Capitol has given Democrats renewed verve and given Republicans some semblance of a spine to remove him from office just 13 days before his catastrophic term comes to an end.

According to USAToday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called for Vice President Mike Pence, sporting Trump’s fresh bus tire tread marks on his back, to invoke the 25th amendment to strip his former bosom buddy from all presidential power in order to prevent him from doing more damage to America on his way out the door.

In addition, Pelosi has asked for and received the resignation of the House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving for his egregious failure to protect Senators and Congresspersons from the violent white mob of MAGAs.

As Speaker Pelosi said, if Mike Pence doesn’t take action, then she is prepared to go to the House floor with articles of impeachment against Trump. You can read those below.

There are dissenting thoughts on whether or not there is actually time to impeach Trump if Pence pump fakes but that surely won’t stop them from trying if it comes down to it.

Imagine, Donald Trump might become the first President to be impeached TWICE. Delicious.



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