This Broad Must Be Crazy For Actually Considering Taking This Dude Back

- By Bossip Staff

Despite all the hiring of big-time divorce attorneys and not rockin wedding rings…Elin still has a soft spot fro Tiger, according to sources:

Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren might have spent the holiday apart — he in seclusion in the United States, she skiing in the French Alps — but that doesn’t mean things are over.

“Tiger and Elin still love each other,” according to a person close to the couple. “Although there is talk of divorce, and anyone can see there is a lot of work to do, they would both like to work this out.”

In photos from the skiing trip Elin, for the first time since Woods’ Thanksgiving night accident, is seen wearing what appears to be her wedding rings. A subtle message, but one nonetheless.“That doesn’t surprise me,” said the source. “Even though they have been spending time apart, she’s not moving out of the home now, and she is willing to put work into this. So is Tiger.”

SMH. Make up your mind already…

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  • aphishal ...rain on ur head

    im first……i lov tiger fuk dem white hoes

  • b'more

    she’s no different from the other ho’s Tiger has been sleeping with. only difference is she convinced him to marry her. all that money he has, that skank isn’t going anywhere.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    it has also been rumored that Tiger broke her off with 3oomil as some sort of gift too,…that’s what I heard in the news yesterday afternoon so I don’t know hehe

  • ahshae


  • dayg715

    LOL, surprise surprise. seriously, was there ever any doubt that she wouldn’t leave him. all those sports wives/gold digging hoes are all the same. it’s all about money.

  • Janae

    Hopefully, Tiger will stop being a “dumb jerk”.

  • Deirdre B Pride

    For 300 million, I’d stay too. Duh????

  • LaDiva

    Elin, ugghhh girl he has nooooo respect for you, your worth or his vows…
    He didn’t think twice about bringing in an std w/all the loose women he slept with.
    He didn’t think twice about you being the mother of his kids or the fact that he spoke words before God.
    I say run, don’t look back…

  • New World Order (the time for "Change") is the work of the devil

    Love does not go away easily or at all sometimes. However, there are times you do need to pick up your bags and go, in this case, it is the prime example.

    This reminds me of Halle berry and Eric Bonet, a pig is a pig and you do need to move on for happiness.

  • Goldie

    And thats there business more power to them!!!

  • free

    money talks, bull**** walks.

  • New World Order (the time for "Change") is the work of the devil

    Weird thing is, Tiger, Golf and the sponsorship world NEEDS Elin to take him back! A divorce could get messy and spoil his whole FAKE wholesome image!

  • New World Order (the time for "Change") is the work of the devil

    Elin taking Tiger back could me BILLIONS for Tiger, Golf and sponsors!

    He has more to gain, that what she has even if she goes for a divorce or emotionally bankrupts herself and takes this male S LUT back.

  • ThatBKChick

    Money talks and puzzy walks….that’s about it peeps!

  • KeepNit2Real

    lol@this repetitive subject.

  • manster

    Get your facts straight, Elin is not in Europe it has been proven that the pic floating around is her twin sister. Man you guy really need to hire some professional people! Damn!!!!

  • BapBarbie

    BE FASHION is offering FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all items!! U.S. and Puerto Rico Only!!

  • chaka1

    She has 2 children with Tiger. If I loved him, I would stay with him for their sake. However, I wouldn’t tolerate any BS from this day forward, and he could never tell me what to do.

  • metoo

    There are kids involved! Hope Tiger has learnt some grown-up life lessons (i.e. can’t hide what evil you do => it always comes out soon or later AND there are consequences to your actions) Hope that he and his wife can work through this.

  • Manuel

    who care about respect…….we’re talking 300 million dollars…..

  • LaDiva

    @ I’m Just Me: Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    I disagree with that assumption that mainly white women forgive more infidelities than any other race.

    Look how long it took halle to walk away or even tina turner for all the times Ike beat the crap outta her..We don’t see the majority of all women, it’s only a grp of women ppl speak about.

    It’s not a race thing. It’s a ppl thing.

  • New World Order (the time for "Change") is the work of the devil

    You shouldnt take a cheat back for the sake of the kids, because if you caught STD’s as a result, who will be around to look after the children?

  • drenk

    she knows once he starts winning tournaments again there’ll be more money for her than any divorce lawyer can pry from tiger

  • LaDiva

    There are things more important than money such as your health and your worth.
    Money can never put a value to that.

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™

    That gold digging woman aint going nowhere, she has no shame and she knows she gets more staying than leaving… and of course she will say its for the kids…(smdh) Im too thru with her and Tiger idiot behind!!

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