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A mother in Oregon was shocked when her car was stolen with her child inside–but then, the thief returned with the child safely inside, only to trash the mother for leaving her kid unattended.

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With the economy, bleeding jobs, and the assistance originally offered during the beginning of the pandemic getting smaller and smaller, petty crime is popping up all over. Many people on social media have even noticed their citizen app notifications increasing more and more each month. From car break-ins to a 12-year-old boy in Queens stealing his family’s Range Rover, no one’s vehicle is safe at this point.

In Oregon, a woman’s car was stolen as she ran into the store to grab a few items. The issue? Her 4-year-old son was left inside the car, which was still running. According to reports from WMC5 News, the carjacker returned to give the child back, but with harsh words for the mother on her parenting.

Police responded to Basics Meat Market around 9 a.m. Saturday in Beaverton, Oregon. Crystal Leary told them she had gone into the store to quickly grab a couple of items and left her 4-year-old son in the car with the engine running.
While she was inside, a man got into the car and drove off with the boy inside.
Leary says the suspect then drove back to the store and yelled at her, threatening to call the police because she left her son in the car. He ordered her to get the boy out of the car then drove off again.
The boy was not harmed during the ordeal.

Material items can be replaced–all that matters is she got her baby boy back. Even though the carjacker is in the wrong for taking the car, his point about leaving the kid unattended is still valid. Safe to say she will never pull that stunt again.



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