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Word is, MJ straight dissed some young kid who was trying to get his autograph:

“The NBA legend was spotted waiting for his valet-parked car outside of Kobe Club in Miami when the youth approached and told him how great he was, says our spy: “The boy told Michael he was wearing Jordan sneakers and asked him if he could snap his photo. Michael kept walking and got in his car, leaving the kid behind in tears. He was so upset he threw the disposable camera on the ground and broke it.” Jordan’s sports agent did not return a call or e-mail.”

Damn Mike. Would it have killed you to turn your lanky ass around and hook that kid up a little? SMH.


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  • necy


  • necy

    that sounds unusual for him, its either untrue or he was having a crappy day!!! happens to all of us.

  • Up2NoGood

    F,Jordan with his dusty ass.

  • Capital Peach

    He’s actually not that pleasant in person. He’s charming when he wants to be.

  • leroy

    So now we know why Kobe is such a jerk.

    He was just trying to be like Mike.

  • Aunt Viv

    Perhaps he’s still salty his ex-wife got all that money in the divorce…

    But it’s still wrong MJ-not a good look at all

  • Bird

    The kid obviously doesn’t know that Mike is the grimiest capitalist on the face of the planet. He is part owner of the Bobcats and he wants to charge them an appearance fee to come to the games. The kid should have offered him some dough for the autograph. That would have gotten his attention.

  • Hannibal

    Larry Bird is better than MJ!

  • EC

    He is notorious for being an a##hole and stealing ladies from other dudes.

  • statim08

    No class.

  • Cage

    ^^ LOL Hey!!! He don’t rep for all bald headed folks, now…

  • Re (David Hasselhoff Makes the Best Music Video's)

    Lol @ the kind stomping on his disposable.

    I really like Mike’s game…and that’s about it. People look up to this guy, and he wasn’t doing anything but waiting for his car. He coulda made that kids day.





  • Injera70

    Mj old cheese eyed ass lol.

  • St. Boner

    The little bastard needs to suck it up! It’s all part of the growing up process: DEALING WITH DISAPOINTMENT. Life goes on.

  • rusty eagle

    That Greek Fisherman’s cap he’s wearing is of the chain…. in 1983, when he was rocking it @ UNC

    Sad, but kid’s have to find out the hard way that, “Athletes are not role models.”

  • Subterfuge

    MJ may not have been in the mood, tough sh*t. People act like celebs OWE them something. Nobody forced anyone to buy his sneakers or watch him play when he was a player. People choose to be fans of a particular person. Key word, choose.

    Celebs, no matter what field have crappy days just like anyone else. We don’t own them and they owe us nothing.It’s a good life lesson for the kid, the world is a cruel place. TOUGHEN UP.

  • DaQueen

    lmao @ salty…but yess all dese b-ball players only act all goody tooshie in front da camera *cough**cough* kobe…but dey really stupid lil assholes…man dat poor lil kid…see dats why i dun spend hundreds of dollars on jordan sneakers

  • yanib

    How about the kid needs to understand you don’t always get what you want? He wanted Jordan’s pic, Jordan didn’t want his pic taken. His right. Breaking the camera and crying? If he’s young enough to be acting like that, he’s too young to remember when Jordan played, so it’s just a tantrum not any real investment in being a Jordan fan. Suck it up, chalk it up and get over it.


    @ ALL those who say MJ does not owe it to a kid to be half way nice….Get a clue, it would not have hurt the man to at least say hello and keep it moving. I bet if it was a skanky white chick, his old azz would have broke his fukkin neck to appease. IMHO he is a world class dick head and that’s nothing for him to be proud of or anyone to co-sign on.

  • leroy

    hahahahaa @ the Infamous

    Juanita and MJ are divorced. They probably rarely talk anymore. MJ probably screens her calls and doesn’t pick up.

  • Re (David Hasselhoff Makes the Best Music Video's)


    Lol, he sure woulda broke his neck to say hello, I can just see it.

  • Re (David Hasselhoff Makes the Best Music Video's)

    Circa says, “I always been like f*ck Jordan. But still I be buying his shoes.”


  • Re (David Hasselhoff Makes the Best Music Video's)

    MJ’s a geriatric now. He probably didn’t hear him…hehehe

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Left hand'll lean 'em like a little past six)


    What up!? Why you blast everyone on the GERI side? LOL!!!

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