Family Of Unarmed Mother Killed By Police Awarded $2.5 Million

- By Bossip Staff

The family of an unarmed Black woman shot and killed while holding her baby will receive $2.5 million to ease their sorrows.

26-year-old Tarika Wilson was killed in 2008 when police raided her home during a drug raid.


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  • KeepNit2Real

    they should be awarded MORE than some measly 2.5 mil. Throw the bank at em!

  • Matix b

    Wow she is real pretty. Rest in Peace angel!

  • olsweetdickwillie (WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO?)

    damn she was pretty!!

  • Re

    Good grief.


    SO sad…why do these women fall for these dealers? And she had six children with him?

  • I am tireeeeed!!!!!!

    That doesn’t even began to heal what those children will face growing up without their mother. I just hope that the family that is surrounding them have the strength and resources that it takes to provide a theraputic environment for those children. And a measely 2.5mil will not bring back a mother. SMH

  • I am tireeeeed!!!!!!

    True that she was with a dealer, but the real culprit is the officer who decided that his gun would be the justice.

  • MizASterling

    But is the Police officer in Jail… is the bigger question.

  • 6 Figgaz

    6 kids by the age of 26, living in a suspected drug den, with the Grim Reaper bangin’ down the door. Sh*t is just woeful.

  • nywoman23

    wtf i didnt hear about this story. and she was holding her baby in her arms. wtf. how about reward this family more money despite no matter this will not undo what has been done. it wont give her kids their momma back.but also throw the dirtbag that murdered her in prison for life with the same people he/she arrested. let them have a field time with the police officer that put them behind tired of these police killing senselessly .

  • Choco

    She’s was really pretty to bad she had to take the path in life that lead her to this tragedy!

  • Cece

    I wonder if this same LOSER mother spoke up when her daughter was dating a drug dealer. Dumb hoe. her daughter was only 26 years old and had 6 damn kids which goes to show you how badly she was raised in the first place.

  • nywoman23

    i just read some of what happened. first off what happened to the cop as some1 asked? he was acquitted . there was an all white jury that acquitted this douchebag. her 14 month old baby was also wounded. this disgusting , her choice to deal with a drug dealer might not have been smart but she didnt deserve this. and her kids sure as light didnt.

  • nywoman23

    @cece dont speak of what you know nothing of. there are alot of kids that are raised decent ,that dont have parents that let them grow like plants without any direction in life. and still they decide to make unhealthy choices in their lives. then you have the kids whos parents do let them grow like plants with no direction and they turn out just fine better sometimes then the ones who were brought up and not dug up .there comes a point in peoples life regardless of how you were raised youre gonna do what you want to do. period. yes sometimes its parents faults for somethings but you cant always blame the parent.

    ive seen kids that have drug using neglect parents and decide you know what i dont want that for myself. and they stay in school and are ambitious and are go getters . and ive seen people who have grown up in a single parent home or a home with both parents and the parents are around doing the best they think they can and the child does the opposite. drops out of school , doesnt do anything constructive etc … its a tough call

  • thebusiness

    26 with 6 kids?! WTF

  • Marquis de Sade

    Gee, 26, 6 kids, livin’ with drug dealer? Hmmmmm.

  • Sanjor

    I hope the money is set up in some type of account to help the kids with living and future college expenses. I also hope the money isn’t easily accessible by ghetto family members.
    People need to make better choices in their life, especially choosing partners to have children with. The choices in your life can have deadly consequences if you choose unwisely.

  • Soul Ese

    $2.5 million is more than enough when you factor in the aid she was gettin from tax payers….I’m pretty sure her mother got that same government assistance, so this family has been a burden on tax payers for awhile. Should have taken that free public education and did something with her life….

  • Soul Ese

    What does her being pretty have to do with anything by the way? If she were ugly would she deserve less consideration….well if she were ugly maybe she wouldn’t have had 6 kids and the drug dealer boyfriend.

  • Don't Act like You Have Neva Been Through IT!

    I meant drugs and the KIDS should get more then that cheap change and did anybody know her? If not then let me break down for you when you mess with big time drug dealers wit real doe you dont deal with public assisstance peroid at all get it right or dont type at all!

  • Sylmarvelous

    Ride & Die! Damn! I wonder where the f*ck is the baby daddy now?! I hope her death will be on his & the cops’ conscience forever!…The kids deserve way more money than that!

  • Soul Ese

    So big time drug dealers don’t receive public assistance…..I guess you never been around the projects in many large cities…. and who said she was messing with a big time drug dealer? Did you know her? People making excuses for someone’s sad excuse for a lifestyle that was most likely will be passed on to her children and another generation if her mother’s reaction and well spoken demeanor is any indication of family values.

  • WordtotheWise

    I hear about this when it happened. It’s a shame that police get away with such irresponsible use of their power. I’m not going to talk about how many children she had or whom she was with because it is what it is. The point here is that she was wrongfully killed and her baby injured. Now these children have to be without their mommy.

    This story is sad beyond measure.

  • WordtotheWise

    “I heard…”

  • SweetPea

    Even though an over zealous cop took her life, wrongfully…every one saying she should get more is crazy…& what’s even crazier is how ppl over look the fact that she put herself in the situation. I DO NOT THINK HER LIFE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN, but the fact that she was living with a drug dealer put her and the life of children in danger, if not a cop, some ni&&a trying to get at her dude may have done the same thing. Its about accountability and contrubuting to your own negligence. I am sorry these kids lost their mother, but if not this-there would have been some other f’d up situation to mess up this girl’s life bc of the road she was on. That cop should have gotten time for killing this girl…

  • Don't Act like You Have Neva Been Through IT!

    Point blank period you didnt know her so dont speak ill of the dead!

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