Fill In The Blank: Topless Tiger On The Cover Of Vanity Fair

- By Bossip Staff

Fill in the Blank: Tiger took his shirt off because __________

Vanity Fair seized the opportunity to use some previously unseen photos of Tiger by Annie Leibovitz for their February issue which explores — What Else? — his infidelity scandal!!!


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  • The Brown Hornet

    Because he can – better than seeing Rick Ross without his shirt on…

  • Re


    I don’t know why I can’t stop laughing at this picture.

    Come on Tiger, enough now.

  • Keepnit100

    The checks have officially stopped coming in…some have


    becuz that’s what he’s GOOD @ DOIN’!!! LMAO



  • oh please

    WHY!!!!!!!!!!! JUST STOP IT …… and this a page from Kanye’s method…

  • Keepnit100

    Lol…I cosign that B. Hornet…rick ross should be banned from taking his shirt off in public!

  • Re

    LMAO! Tiger whyeeeee?

  • darealwifey

    I think this is the real Tiger.

  • HollaBack

    desperate for attention.. Yuck, they look burnt!!

  • Smitty Black

    Because there are two women who still have not got at him!!! LOL

  • tiray

    Great move!
    Way to go! Make the hater’s hate! HAHAHAHA!

    (Don’tcha love when hater’s say: I’m not hatin,i’m just sayin)


  • Old Timer

    Looking at Tiger in that picture………..two words come to mind.

    Jungle Thug.

  • Bossip is Obsessed with Rihanna

    …he is about to get a Thug Life tat.

  • Old Timer

    Notice how they used the lighting, the hat and Tiger’s non-smiling countenance to denote a more sinister character. Now, he looks like a thug and a rapist.

    Sammy Sosa may need to get Tiger some of his bleaching cream.

  • Ronnelle Harvey

    The reason Tiger is being ridiculed so bad is because he is a man with money. Maybe he fell out of love with his wife and just forgot to tell her….Lol and it took so many woman cause he was trying to find the right one. He loves the Rachel Uchinel alot. let the man be… but to all of Tigers Kittens you gotta be a hell of a woman to keep his eyes on you….lol Let the Tiger Roar…lol

  • WhatAWorld

    Also this pic looks like something straight out of OZ!


    A hat does wonders for Tiger’s looks because he fugly with his receding hair line showing.

  • uhh yeah ok.


    Actually it’s because he’s a black sports athlete with more money than the average white cat. Those people hate black athletes when they mess up because you are supposed to be there for their entertainment. Like they say on the boards they pay your bills.. especially golf they gave this boy a pass with a grin waiting for this on the low..

  • Yuke! That Nasty Black Body Has To Go

    I though Tiger looked more like a light skinned black man that dark skin doesn’t fit him.

  • Oh My!! Is Body Looks Off

    What happend to you Tiger?

  • citiboi

    because ni@@as cant tell him shyte

  • uhh yeah ok.

    This cover just shows you how big of a joke he is.

  • uhh yeah ok.

    but then again all the puppets for that big fat check are jokes in the long run. Music, sports all of that. They own you and you still give ’em something to talk about.. Dummy!

  • uhh yeah ok.

    An you know the white men with money like him screw anything and everything that walks. They were probably patting his back ’till this came out.. You’re not one of them, face it Tiger..

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