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In random light-skinned news, LisaRaye McCoy had Danileigh’s back this week during an episode of Cocktails with Queens where the ladies discussed Dani’s “Yellow Bone” song. The singer ran off social media for a few days after folks took offense to the lyrics, but LisaRaye felt like the reaction was unjustified.

“I’m light skin, I’m a redbone, I’m a yellow bone, I’m boney,” LisaRaye began. “I think that you know, India.Arie, ‘Brown skin, you know I love your brown skin,’ — I’ve heard women and men talk about what they have, because I guess, and you can contest to this, that you’ve got to start inward with what you all sing about. Meaning what your experience is, what you have gone through and whatever. For her to celebrate her skin, I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that. I do think that just because it’s Black Lives Matter, is it that Black lives matter because we’re talking about dark skin black lives matter? Or light skin and cappuccino and caramel and espresso and all of that.”

Vivica Fox chimed in with her own theory. She, like many people, felt like Dani was specifically calling out MeMe, DaBaby’s dark-skinned baby mama.

“I think she totally blew it,” Vivica started off. “And I’m going to keep that 100% real being that I’m a person that dated a rapper back in the day. She did that to get back at that baby mama, and to throw that in her face and it absolutely backfired on her. And then to say ‘I dated a whole black man,’ this, that, and the third, young lady, be careful. Because I’m going to tell you something. If he goes back to that baby mama, he’s going to write a song about you, his artist is going to write a song about you, his baby mama is going to write a song about you, everybody’s going to write a song about you. Be careful. It was not the place for you to go with that whole colorism and the baby — no I had to keep that real, guys.

Let me tell you something. When you get on them rappers’ bad sides, baby! When I’m telling you — you know I know! And I’m keeping it real! And that’s why I was like ‘Aye baby, go on and get up out of there’ because I know. Imma tell you she did that to — she was like ‘I got him, I won’ and da da da, and that’s fine now, you know.”

What are YOUR thoughts on LisaRaye and Vivica’s comments? Is there “nothing wrong” with “Yellow Bone”?



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