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Wendy Williams, Method man

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Wendy Williams is on a media run but it’s more like a “zero f**ks tour” right now. The daytime talk show Queen has been promoting her upcoming biopic airing on Lifetime, and she’s spilling vintage tea about a one night stand with a Wu-Tang rapper. It’s been known for years now that Method Man had a strong disdain for the talk show host because she revealed his wife was battling cancer back in the day — but what we didn’t know is that Method Man actually shacked up with Wendy, allegedly.

Wendy made the interesting claim while talking to DJ Suss One on his podcast, she recalled a night out at a club that ended with them leaving together holding hands.

“I smoked a blunt with Method Man, while I gave him a bath, and it was a one night stand. […]  It was one night, we were in the club when a fight broke out and gunshots broke out. The fight was ridiculous. The whole Wu-Tang was there. But it was only Meth up in the rafters.”

“He rolled a blunt, we smoked a blunt, we watched the fight, we heard the gunshots, the cops came in. He was rolling with the car from Staten Island with the whole Clan and their people and I guess I batted my eyes and rocked my shoulder, you know how I do, and I said, ‘you wanna come over?’ And he said, ‘yeah’,” said Wendy.

“People didn’t even realize at the time it was Wendy and one of the biggest stars, the leader of the biggest group in the world, just left, got in her Pathfinder, and went back to her penthouse in Jersey City where she bathed him in her jacuzzi tub and smoked more weed, you know, that was back in the coke days. I don’t remember what he did, I’m not gonna implicate him on that.”


Wooow! This is a huge revelation since Method Man went on a nasty rant about Wendy in 2006, calling her out her name!

Wendy took in account that she and Meth are NOT on good terms and went on to say, “He’ll deny it maybe not,” and that Method Man is still very “angry at her” for “telling the truth.”

Hit play to hear it below!


Wheww! Of course social media is eating this up because 1. Method Man still moistens drawls, and 2. Wendy is messy for spilling this! But we aren’t mad at the jokes at all. Scroll down to see them!




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