Antonia Carter is Getting her Panties Soaked up by a BET Employee

- By Bossip Staff

Antonia Carter refers to her new boo as “HIM” on Twitter and according to her tweets, she just spent NYE with “HIM” in Vegas and they got matching tattoos. Since Toya and James Hardy called it quits, who exactly is “HIM” that is choppin’ down Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama???

Toya is now getting chop down by the host of BET’s show called The Deal, Mr. Mickey “Memphitz” Wright Jr. These two have been at it for some time now because Memphitz came to her birthday party and he is probably the one responsible for buying her that baby pink pistol.

So, if Memphitz was at her party and so was James, DAYYUM… what a way to throw it in James face unless they were just doing it for TV, which would not be surprising.

Matching Tattoos:

If Lil Wayne wants to f*ck every girl in the world, then we don’t see anything wrong with Toya having a little fun!!!

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  • Britt


  • New World Order (the time for "Change") is the work of the devil

    Is it me or does pain rhyme with WAYNE!

    WAYNE & LOVE more like it!

    What else is funny the saying is LOVE & PAIN..NOT …PAIN & LOVE.

    Some people are just too obvious!

  • mzdiva

    oh well

  • Sacha

    That Green Dress she’s wearing is HOT!I bought a vey similar one From and the new year. love it!!!!

    on the subject of her being with memphis….She’s a grown woman and she’s not hurting noone…So leave her alone. IT’s not like she’s had 10 men within a short period of time.

  • Tash

    Definitely a downgrade from James but if she likes the new guy n happy thats all that matters…

  • Kerry's Gyrl

    Why is she famous again I mean no hate but why????

  • deesac

    Who cares she easy anyway, flash some dollars and she’s yours.

  • mississippi girl

    She should stay with James. He was to FINE. This dude is a lame.

  • Whatever...

    When did we start caring about baby mamas? She appears to be nothing more that groupie, dude is ugly, and those tatts look cheap. I feel sorry for her and Wayne’s lil girl, poor thing, she doesn’t have a chance

  • Whatever...

    ***than a

  • Carolina Kid

    I don’t think that Tat is on the arm of Hitz his arm is much darker than the one in the pic!

  • Butterscotch™

    Baby mama? I thought she was Wayne’s ex-wife. Anyway, IMHO, matching tattoos is rarely a good idea.

  • It's cold in the D!

    She’s fighting men, now she’s get a tattoo? “How Dreadful…” I agree with someone…why is she famous? She better go to school and get some skills – lil Wayne is on top, but ask 50, Emimem, it doesn’t last forever and looking at his grill and all his baby mamas…he is when a check stop coming candidate.

  • Tropical English

    Oh, ummmm, how romantic…..?

  • afrodite

    he bought her a pistol…this is the type of crap people around my hood are actually trying in vain to replicate. i love u, decatur

  • top ramen

    Yall so hung up on complexion cause he is much better looking than James. That might not be the best pic of him….but check out his show. Anyhoo James seemed like a playa and this dude seems to be real and humble. Luv it toya baby, do you. And have a ball, do’nt you settle. Girls need to have fun too.

  • Toya is a disgrace

    Toya admitted on that show that shes never had a job, her claim to fame is being a baby mama, shes pathetic and stupid. Whats going to happen when her daughter reaches 18, she needs to get in school instead of sleeping in until 11am everyday and her only worry in life is whats shes going to wear the next day
    I notice how everyone is stuck on this baby mama like shes something to be talked about…shes just an idiot whose never worked a day in her life. UGH, no ambition what so ever

  • JerseyCutie

    Damn I was just saying the other day he was handsome…

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    this chick gets so much damn shine for who’s currently dating/phuking as well as her claim to fame being Lil Wayne’s baby momma!…next!

  • uk345

    good for toya 🙂 as long as she is happy she should def go for it.

  • kreative

    that isn’t cute God help her please

  • Get Real

    That is so stupid for Toya to mess up her beautiful skin for some nicca she has known 2 seconds.


    Toya is a very beautiful woman. Shes not married she can date whom ever she chooses. All you women make comments about her being a baby mama i would give my life to bet if you same hating a$$ females had the chance to let Lil Wayne impregnate either of you “YOU WOULD DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT”, so knock it off. Ugly or not you chics yould die to be on his arm and bare his child so you could soak up the good_life, WHO WOULDNT. Shes not a gold digger she was there from the start so whats the hating for?? Shes good and her daughter is XTRA GOOD, I dont see the problem…

  • MelloYello

    lol @ dying to be waynes BM wow every women is not that desperate and lonely and STUPID!!!! No one is checkin 4 wayne except the rats. bish plz go on wit dat one. As for Toya um watever floats her boat itz her life she wants love and she was married to wayne not jus a BM. I hope she finds her happiness tho 4real

  • Mock Rock Star

    U really think every woman is dying to be Lil Wayne’s baby mama. U really can’t be serious. First off have U taken a good look at him, second he’s music is very disrespectful toward women and third who wants a baby by a man who already has like 3 or 4 kids already by 3 or 4 different woman? That, in my opinion is a recipe for disaster. Maybe U should have more respect for yourself.

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