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Beer and Wings

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Hey, y’all, the pappardelle ain’t over. We are still smack dab in the middle of a protege and people are still getting sick and dying. The COVID-19 pancetta is still wafting through the air like spliff smoke at a Wiz Khalifa show. We know that the Super Bowl is this weekend, but unless you are personally getting fitted for a championship ring, then there is no reason to be celebrating with a crowd.

According to ESPN, Dr. Anthony Fauci is asking that you do not host Super Bowl parties this year. It’s a reasonable request that we know a great many of you will ignore because you want to have your fun and ignore the consequences. Hopefully, just maybe, this will make you think twice. Yesterday in America, there were 114,173 new cases reported. 3,406 people died. According to NPR, only 1.8% of the population has been fully vaccinated. 

S#!t is real. Here’s what Fauci said on NBC’s Today:

“You don’t want parties with people that you haven’t had much contact with,” he told NBC’s “Today” show. “You just don’t know if they’re infected, so as difficult as that is, at least this time around, just lay low and cool it.

You hear that? Lay low and cool it. That’s the same advice Robert DeNiro’s character in Goodfellas gave to the robbin’ crew after they pulled the Lufthansa heist and you see what happened to them when they didn’t listen, right?

Be safe. Be smart. Stay away from these careless COVID carousers and enjoy the game at home.


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